WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Thugs Assaulted Purple Heart Vet But This Warrior Has Some Choice Words For Them (VIDEO)


More scumbags attacking our vets! We need to stand up and protect our brothers. This is exactly what  SGT. Omar Avila does.

Omar challenges the thugs who assaulted the 37-year-old Purple Heart recipient who was home from a recent deployment, and for their sake we hope they don’t run into him.

Here’s the original story:

Kansas CITY, Mo. — Two Kansas City men face charges in connection to the beating of an army veteran outside of a Country Club Plaza restaurant which took place back in September.

Prosecutors charged Antonio Stuckey, 26, and Raymond Robinson, 30, with first and second degree assault.

The attack happened September 19 outside Zocalo on the Kansas City Country Club Plaza.

Prosecutors say the vet bumped into Robinson inside the restaurant. When the vet left, police say a group of men attacked him.

In the charging documents, prosecutors said Robinson knocked the victim out and others stomped on him.

The victim is a 37-year-old Purple Heart recipient. (Fox 4 KC)

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