This Wounded Marine Held A Salute For 3 Hours… Then Bikers Did THIS

Retired Marine Staff Seargent Tim Chambers is the “Lone Marine” who has stood at the same post in salute since 2002. His act of patriotism has moved many for numerous years. HD5 News captured people telling the camera how impressed they were by his discipline and tenacity, including other veterans.

“With a stiff spine and straight shoulders the lone marine stands at attention as the thunder roles by for more than three hours,” said one reporter. 

Chambers told the newscaster that it began as a spontaneous thank you but has now become an obligation. He had a broken wrist that should have been in a cast but instead was used to salute.

One gentleman noted that something seemed different in the marine because his hand was tremballing, “that’s service before self, that’s what that is,” he said. Veteran Dave Macedonia brought the marine water when he was clearly sweating, shaking and in distress urging that he was simply helping another veteran out.

His mother told the news station that Chambers determination comes from his grandmother who refuses to sit down until her grandson finishes his salute each year. The grandmother isn’t the only one eager to stand by his side. He has become somewhat of a celebrity as people flock to him to take pictures.

“I’m doing this because America needs to see this and I want them to emulate that in any which way they can across the country,” maintained Chambers.

The entire country certainly has noticed. It is just that type of patriotism, determination, tenacity, and love for ones country that should be recognized and repeated.

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