Wow. Al Sharpton Makes Move to Disrespect the Fallen NYPD Officers

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You know that when the bartender — the guy who makes money off you drinking profusely and giving him tips — tells you that you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. It’s pretty simple logic.

Likewise, when New York Mayor and veteran race-baiter Bill de Blasio tells you to stop protesting, you should take it in a similar fashion. When the guy who rode the “I can’t breathe” meme so hard that he got banned from police funerals in the city he runs says to call things off, it’s time to stop.

Sensing that the tide was turning against his brand of socialist rhetoric after it inspired the murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, Mayor de Blasio acted.

He requested an end to the protests surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner until at least after the funerals of the two fallen police officers.

That message hasn’t gotten through to MSNBC host and Rev. Al Sharpton, though.

Calling the mayor’s plea to halt the protests temporarily “an ill-defined request,” Sharpton announced he has no plans to stop his series of “prayer vigils,” protests, die-ins and whatever else will catch the attention of local and national media (H/T TPNN).

You’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot, I guess. However, after this latest instance of cynical opportunism, why anyone would consider this man a uniter or even religious is a mystery to me.

Sharpton is a man whose rhetoric has now aided in burying two brave men.

Now, he can’t even be bothered to stop prostituting himself before the press for a few days out of respect for the dead or for the NYPD.

Indeed, Sharpton has already marched down Fifth Avenue since the incident, showing just how much respect he has for the dead.

Sharpton isn’t the only race baiter who refuses to recognize the gravity of his actions in the wake of the murders of officers Liu and Ramos.

In contrast to how he jumped on national television the night that a St. Louis County grand jury announced it wasn’t pressing charges against Darren Wilson, President Barack Obama has yet to interrupt a busy schedule of vacationing to give a live statement on the case, preferring instead to issue one via Twitter.

He also won’t be attending the officers’ funerals, because vacationing is apparently a much more pressing priority for the president.

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