WOW: Black Celebrities TURN From Hillary And ENDORSE Trump (VIDEO)

Back in June, A new poll by Big Data and posted at FOX Latina found Donald Trump has 26% support from African Americans. That’s not bad – and it’s a heck of a lot better than the media would like you to believe.

In fact, if you listened to the media, you probably wouldn’t think that a single minority is voting for Donald Trump. They wish. Blacks today make up 22% of the Democratic vote. If Democrats lost 25% of the black vote they would lose Virginia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. This is why the minority vote is so important to them – and why they’re horrified by the thought of losing it to Donald Trump.

It’s also why they always blast the GOP as “racist,” even when there isn’t the slightest bit of racism to be found. They’ll try any tactic to dissuade minorities from voting Republican, even if they’re dishonest in the process.

Unfortunately for them, not only will many blacks turn out for Trump, there’s no shortage of black celebrities out there to boost his image. Let’s be honest, does anyone really like Hillary Clinton? I didn’t think so. Blacks have been voting Democrat for a century, but this is the perfect election for them to try something new.

Via Clash Daily

We don’t see more publicly come out in favor of Trump because people don’t want to face the social stigma. There are more Trump supporters out there than you’d think, yet they’re “in the closet.” Could this be affecting the polls to? Perhaps those being polled fear saying who they’ll really vote for due to the same kind of social stigma. There’s only one way to know for sure, and we’ll find that out on November 8th.

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