You’ve probably seen the hashtag #ICantBreathe used in protest of Eric Garner’s death in Staten Island.

Or maybe #ICantBreath. I’ve heard it both ways.

The phrase refers to something Garner said as he was being detained by police for illegally selling loose cigarettes on the street.

Garner was allegedly taken down by an officer using an illegal chokehold, although the grand jury looking into his death did not consider officer Daniel Pantaleo responsible for it.

Nor did the black police sergeant who was supervising the arrest intervene, as she would certainly have been expected to had Pantaleo been committing a crime right before her eyes.

Regardless, conservative cartoonist A.F. Branco came up with the perfect response to those who claim at every turn that police use excessive force against black suspects:


There will, no doubt, be those who scream “racism” at this cartoon.

Aren’t there always?

But just because Eric Garner was black and the officer who detained him was not doesn’t mean that race had anything to do with Garner’s untimely death.

And statements from both Garner’s daughter and his widow that they do not believe race was a factor in his death would seem to reinforce that idea pretty strongly.

As for the cartoon, well, it first came to my attention on the African-American ConservativesFacebook page.

You can decide for yourself what that means, but it does seem to make it a little more difficult to get any charges of racism to stick.

Not that that ever stopped anyone on the left from trying.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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