WOW!! Chicago Cops Send Stunning Message to Donald Trump

From CT

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago that was canceled due to protesters has caused a large amount of political fallout, with Trump’s political opponents trying to use it to their advantage.

However, the canceled rally seems to have increased his support among Chicago police officers, because of how Trump handled the situation.

The situation was already chaotic, with protesters beating each other — and police officers — to a pulp and blocking ambulances that were trying to help the injured.

Trump canceled the rally due to security concerns, something that Chicago police appreciated.

Radio host John Cardillo reportedly stated that before the rally, 70 percent of Chicago police officers supported Trump.

After the would-be rally, that number was up to 90 percent.

It should be pointed out that this number is not official polling and was simply based off of one man’s interaction with members of the Chicago law enforcement community.

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