Wow. Civil Rights Groups Demand Obama EXEMPT Minority Students From This… It’s Absurd


Civil rights groups and black political activists like to talk about “equality” — but more and more, it appears that they are more interested in special privileges than actual equal treatment. That point was recently made clear during discussions about education, and the the left-wing response to minorities who do poorly on standardized tests.

Instead of figuring out how to boost the performance of African Americans and other groups, it appears that liberals simply want to cover up the problem.

According to The Blaze, civil rights groups recently wrote a joint letter to Barack Obama. The groups claimed that standardized testing was “overly punitive” of racial minorities, and they pushed to have the requirements changed.

In other words, they apparently want to make minority students exempt from standardized tests. They suggest one set of standards for white students, and less stringent educational requirements for blacks and other minorities.

The belief that one group is unable to do well on tests because of their skin color is clearly racist, but that fact seemed to be completely lost on the groups behind the letter, including the National Urban League and the NAACP.

A report by Politico explained the main problem. So-called civil rights organizations are outraged about current federal testing requirements, because they clearly show that black students are not at the same educational level as other children.

“The testing requirements, for example, allowed the government for the first time to spotlight the achievement gaps between white students from higher-income families and their peers when those test results were broken down by race and socioeconomic status,” wrote Politico.

That information could be used to identify and fix the educational problems, and help minority students in the long run.

“[No Child Left Behind] put a public spotlight on schools and districts that were falling flat when it comes to helping disadvantaged students — and pressed them to improve when no one else would,” continued the Politico piece.

However, minority groups don’t seem interested in facing reality and addressing the problems. Instead, they seem to want special standards for minorities.

The letter to President Obama included a demand for tests that consider the “cultural and linguistic assets” of students.

Translation: Don’t require students to speak proper English or do well on tests, because that would be culturally unfair. In the world of liberals, speaking broken Ebonics is a “linguistic asset.”

Some of the demands go even further into absurdity. According to the civil rights groups, the process of evaluating a student’s readiness for college shouldn’t be based on their actual performance on tests or knowledge of the material.

Instead, it should take into account whether or not the school provided an environment of “academic, social, emotional, physical health, and cultural well-being,” according to the letter.

In other words, if a student repeatedly fails tests, that’s no reason to keep him out of college. It’s the school’s fault for not nurturing his “cultural well-being.” In the minds of the minority groups, the color of students’ skin is more important than their test scores.

The only way to fix a problem is to first acknowledge it. Covering up educational problems is not the answer, and having different standards depending on race is not equality.

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