Liberals have forced the president of a college to make a public apology.

The stunning part is what caused the outcry–a simple phrase in a campus-wide email.

After the non-indictment of officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson incident involving Mike Brown, Smith president Kathleen McCarntney fired up her laptop and decided to send out an email addressing the news.

In McCarntney’s email subject line, she used the phrase, “all lives matter,” instead of the race-baited version, “black lives matter.” (H/T CampusReform)

This upset some trust fund, hipster liberal students who read it and blamed the school president for not making blacks the center of attention on the matter.

Part of the email said, “We gather in vigil, we raise our voices in protest; yet we wake again to news of violence that reminds us, painfully, of the stark reality of racial injustice.”

So McCartney empathizes with those angered by the decision, but apparently she doesn’t empathize enough for it to count – and it doesn’t help that she’s white.

As soon as the email hit, students flooded social media with complaints about her words, saying she didn’t understand the “struggle” because of her white skin color.

One Smith College student, Sophia Buchanan, posted on Twitter, “No, Kathy. Please do not send out an email saying ‘All lives matter.’ This isn’t about everyone, this is about black lives.”

Another student took to an anonymous online message board and posted the following, “[P]eople are upset because…[K]athy (and other white people) clearly doesn’t understand the importance of holding black lives central to the conversation.”

Who are these students taking direction from – Al Sharpton himself?

Six hours after the first email, McCartney sent out another and apologized for her use of what the race-baiters consider the wrong phrase.

A local paper reported that at least fifty students staged a protest regarding the incident.

What a nightmare to think that these are the people who will be leading this country at some point.

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