WOW! Cuban Arrested for Waving American Flag as Cruise Ship Arrives in Havana

I guess Obama’s trip to Cuba to improve relations with the Communist country was a smashing success! NOT!

A Cuban is arrested for waving an American flag as the ship he’s on arrives in Havana? Congratulations, Obama, you’re a real foreign relations expert. Would’ve been better off if you stayed stateside & coddled your terrorist friends or played a round of golf. What a disgrace to the office. He’s made us a laughing stock to the world. He can’t be gone fast enough. What a piece of crap.


A Cuban dissident was arrested on Monday for waving an American flag to welcome the Carnival cruise ship to Havana.

The man, Daniel Llorente, was holding the flag across his back at the waterfront as the ship approached. He was detained after making a speech about liberty on the communist island. It’s unclear what charges were leveled against him.

A video of the event shows a crowd of tourists and locals gathering around Llorente, and him getting into a verbal exchange with an unnamed woman. The arrest was first reported by Noticias Martí, a Miami-based news organization focused on Cuba.

“You’re making a clown of yourself,” the woman told him. “The American flag. What are you doing, for God’s sake?”

“What are you doing here? Hypocrite,” Llorente said. “This is a symbol of American pride.”

As the woman walked away, he went on, “I’m not scared of talking. I’m not scared of the government.”

Llorente referenced President Barack Obama and his speech to the Cuban people during his visit to the island.

“As Obama said, if you want liberty, it’s the people who will have to make it happen,” he said. “I’m here to show Cubans and the world that ‘Yes, we can’!”

The crowd gathered at the harbor jeered Llorent.

Via Truth Revolt

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