WOW: Dallas Cop Makes Shocking Move During BLM Protest… Media NOT Reporting It


You may not hear this story on mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the media’s lust for race baiting. A Dallas police officer potentially saved a Black Lives Matter protesters life. A police officer sworn to duty, standing there protecting the man who hates him, is a story that won’t make it to mainstream media.

It’s our job to share it with you and your job to share it to your friends. It’s a shame that a good old fashioned hero story won’t make it to mainstream media because it’s not racist enough or because it goes against the racial tension that mainstream media loves to stir up for ratings.

Watch the interview with a Black Lives Matter protester who was saved by police.

Police officers sign up to protect and serve and this Black Lives Matter protester will live to see another day thanks to police. This story should change the protesters perception of police. It should remind people that police are not there to kill anyone, but quite the opposite.

When police tell people to put a gun down, or they will shoot, the police mean it. It’s the civilians duty to follow orders and help keep a situation from escalating to a shooting.

What are the chances that a democrat or liberal will share this story and change their outlook on police?

Will Black Lives Matter protesters see this man’s video account of his experience and think to themselves, “wow, police saved one of us, maybe we should calm down” or will Black Lives Matter ignore this like they ignore the black on black crime in Chicago. Or the thousands of black abortions each week.

Will Black Lives Matter wake up and realize they are acting like domestic terrorists and stop ruining people’s lives? Will Black Lives Matter see that a Dallas police officer kept protesters safe and use this to teach people that police are NOT bad?

Or will Black Lives Matter continue to act like the KKK?

How long will it take for Black Lives Matter to start making a real difference and stop being violent?

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