Wow! Did Hillary Clinton Just Suffer A Seizure On Camera?

Holy crap! What the hell was that? On this video it looks like Hillary Clinton is having a seizure and trying to laugh it off. Unless, she’s making fun of the drink she has there in her hand, but why would you do that? We all know that her health has been bad, with the constant coughing fits we have witnessed on the campaign trail. Huma Abedin admits she is horribly forgetful and gets lightheaded a lot. This looks very strange to me and I don’t think it is funny in the least. For all the world that looked like an epileptic seizure on camera.

From Gateway Pundit:


The poor woman is in worse shape than we thought.

Hillary Clinton has seizure on camera.

Or maybe it was something else?


The two videos out there on this have rumors swirling on the Internet about Hillary’s strange incident. NBC News did the interview in June, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. The coughing fits that she succumbs to on the trail are sometimes so violent she can’t speak and/or has to sit down. She won’t release her medical records and probably with good reason.

Clinton pretended it was a reaction to the drink, but she had been drinking the iced Chai for some time. You can see the confusion on the faces of the reporters in front of her. They just didn’t know what to make of all of it or how to react. I suppose she could have been messing around, trying to divert attention away from answering the question about Elizabeth Warren in front of her.

Whatever this was, it doesn’t look good for Clinton and opens up even more questions about her physical and mental well-being. It also calls into question whether she is fit to be president of the most powerful nation on earth. I’m surprised that Donald Trump hasn’t already latched onto all of this.

At the very least, this was bizarre behavior, even from the likes of Clinton. In all likelihood this wasn’t a seizure… more likely it was Hillary’s idea of being funny, which she isn’t, and a horrible tactic to deflect from answering something she doesn’t want to. In other words, another form of lying. Which she is very good at. I sure would love to know her medical history though. But it is locked away with Bill’s and you can bet they both have a lot to hide.

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