WOW! Doctor Exposes Muslim Woman’s Unsanitary Practice, Gets Disgusting Surprise

Do you think that a Muslim surgeon should be allowed to wear a headscarf into surgery even if it creates an unsanitary environment that could lead to infection? Well, according to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, England, you need to check your privilege.

That’s the message that they’re sending after they suspended a consultant anesthesiologist for allegedly exposing a Muslim surgeon who refused to take off her headscarf during surgery.

Dr Rogozov said he confronted the woman before the surgery when he realised she planned to wear the Islamic hijab which was against safety regulations. But the unnamed surgeon refused, walking out of the operation and forcing staff at Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital (pictured) to find a replacement

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, Dr. Vladislav Rogozov, a Czech-born doctor, raised the concern on a Czech language blog. He was promptly suspended by the hospital, although Britain’s National Health Service is now investigating.

Dr. Rogozov’s version of the 2013 incident shows just how far political correctness has gone — it apparently now even trumps your safety in an operating room.

“I came into the operating room, where I met the surgeon, a woman shrouded in a Muslim headscarf,” Dr. Rogozov wrote. “I immediately stopped the operation of the hall and asked her to put down her scarf and replace it with the prescribed headgear.

“After a long discussion held with respect, decency and factual arguments, the surgeon refused and left the operating room. We managed to subsequently find another surgeon who performed the operation.

“After the end of the operating day other members of the surgical team came to me (in a low voice and with the door closed) to share their concerns about the threat to patient safety.”

So what did the Muslim female surgeon do? Apologize for her appalling behavior?

Far from it, actually: she filed a claim alleging racial discrimination.

Islam, you may perhaps have noticed, is not a race, but when you’re not willing to let patient safety get in your way you’re unlikely to let facts get in your way, either.

According to hospital regulations, such religious coverings are “excluded in areas such as theater, where they could present a health and cross-infection hazard.” But apparently, exposing this is a much greater offense than risking patient safety.

That’s not all. Dr. Rozogov talked of Muslim staff taking breaks in the middle of surgery for prayers and reciting phrases from the Quran during surgery. While the latter isn’t particularly upsetting (although one needn’t wonder what would happen to a Christian doctor who did the same with Bible verses), the former is so mind-blowingly inappropriate that there are hardly words for it.

Let’s also keep in mind that this happened in the United Kingdom, where the government-run healthcare system ensures that there are no alternatives to this politically correct madness. Your safety and well-being is now in the hands of people who are more concerned about not offending religious employees — or rather, one specific group of religious employees — than your life.

Sleep well, Britain. You’re in good hands.

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