Wow. Eric Holder Openly Insults America and Smears Americans in Sickening Statement (VIDEO)


Eric Holder lives in a different country than the rest of us. At least, that’s certainly what his recent comments seem to suggest.

The outgoing attorney general just made some puzzling remarks about Americans and acted as if our amazing progress on racism simply never happened.

Holder appeared on MSNBC’s “The Reid Report” to give his opinion on race relations in the country. “There is — there’s distrust that exists on both sides. There’s misunderstanding that exists on both sides,” he stated.

Holder then made comments that seemed to imply that most police officers are racists.

“We’re not at a stage yet where I can honestly say, you know, truthfully say that if you’re a person of color, you should not be concerned about any interaction that you have with the police in the same way that I can’t say to a police officer, you shouldn’t worry about what community you are being asked to operate in.”

The view that blacks and police officers are on opposing sides is odd, considering the fact that there are many good black cops. That comment might have made sense 50 years ago, but it seems like an odd statement after so much progress has been made.

Holder then made an even more puzzling remark.

“It means that we as a nation have failed,” Holder continue, according to Breitbart. “It’s as simple as that. We have failed.”

Did Eric Holder forget to look in the mirror that morning? He is, of course, a black man himself. As attorney general, he holds one of the most prestigious and powerful positions in America.

The president who selected Holder is also black. Regardless of their many flaws, both men have shattered the notion that African Americans cannot succeed.

There is a very long list of black Americans at the pinnacles of success. Tim Scott. Mia Love. Condoleezza Rice. They are living proof that color no longer holds people back.

It is extremely odd for Holder — and Obama — to constantly act as if Americans have failed on the issue of racism. It’s almost as if they are addicted to using race as a political tool, and refuse to move forward and put the past behind them.

Americans are tired of being lectured about how racist they supposedly are, when the facts are clearly different.

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