Wow. Guess Who Bill Cosby Is Blaming for Rape Allegations? WHITE MEDIA!


Bill Cosby has seen a flurry of allegations ranging from inappropriate behavior to drug-induced rape over the past few months that have required him to retain the services of a prominent reputation management company and high-powered lawyers.

Cosby has been advised not to speak to media about the rape allegations, which now include one from famous supermodel Beverly Johnson, who claims Cosby drugged her at his home during the mid-80s.

Cosby, in a brief moment, interrupted his silence on the matter Friday to tell the media to remain “neutral” and also stood by the claim that his wife is supporting him through the embarrassing ordeal.

But what’s worse, is that Cosby deployed race-bating tactics and demanded that African-American media remain impartial – simply because Cosby is black. (H/T Defund)

Cosby stated, “Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

In other words, it’s the “white media’s” fault for the long list of rape allegations.

Though he’s been hit with dozens of accusations at this point, it remains to be seen how many are valid and which ones are just going for a quick payday. Cosby and his lawyer have even filed countersuits against some of the women, claiming their stories are outright false.

Cosby, who was once praised for his conservative values and his harsh stance against the black community taking advantage of welfare as well as the “sagging pants” problem that was a hot topic for several years, has been in adownward spiral since the rape allegations re-emerged earlier this year.

He even went as far as saying Americans should be more like Muslims – praising their methods of raising children and “protecting” women.

Now he’s resorted to taking an Al Sharpton approach and using his public platform to pressure media outlets into staying “impartial” simply to prove they’re not racist.

Only time will tell if Cosby has committed some, all, or none of the crimes he’s accused of. Until then, it’s probably best that he remains silent.

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