Wow. Here’s the Classless Thing Geraldo Rivera Did at Fallen NYPD Officer’s Funeral [PHOTOS]


Al Capone’s vault may have been Geraldo Rivera’s Waterloo, but he’s regrettably hung on far longer than anyone would have guessed.

While Napoleon had to abdicate in the wake of Waterloo, Rivera’s lengthy retreat has involved refereeing trash-TV fights between angry transvestites and skinheads, revealing troop positions on air, and tweeting the world a bizarre shirtless selfie even Anthony Weiner would have deleted.

Geraldo’s latest gaffe in his long journey to the bottom of the Nielsens involves another selfie. Fortunately, he’s clothed. Unfortunately, even that couldn’t save it from being exponentially more disrespectful.


“No more hate?” How about “no more selfies at funerals?” Can we start with that, Mr. Rivera?

Sadly, this was only slightly better than the behavior of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who showed up at the wake for a scant fifteen minutes.

Good grief. I knew that being between this man and a camera is like being between a mother bear and her cub.

However, given that he seems like he wasn’t raised by wolves and has a desultory grasp of human behavior, I just assumed he’d know better than to tweet a selfie of himself at a funeral.

This goes beyond bad taste and makes me seriously question whether Geraldo is a sociopathic narcissist. I can’t think of any other realistic explanation for it.

While we’re at it, it’s worth pointing out that the “leaders” Geraldo is assumedly referencing are the ones who created the problem in the first place.

Wenjian Liu likely wouldn’t be having a funeral if Bill de Blasio, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and any of the other sundry race-baiters who buzzed around the corpses of Michael Brown and Eric Garner like flies had toned down their rhetoric.

Sadly, Geraldo was just doing what all of these other people were – using dead bodies for political gain.

Geraldo’s method of doing it was just more overt and opportunist.

Fortunately, some people agreed. Those were the men and the women of the NYPD, who, according to the Daily Mail, shooed Rivera away when he tried to crash the funeral.

At least someone realizes what a fraud this man is.

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