WOW! Hero Helps Save Family Trapped In Crash.. Gets Billed $143 By First Responders!

“No good deed goes unpunished…”.. This is outrageous. Amazing how someone does something good and this happens.

I can see why some people choose to not do things like this. What a shame to bill a hero for helping a family that would have died waiting for the First Responders. I hope they drop this.

From CBS News

A man who helped a family trapped a crash got a bill in the mail for his unselfish act.

Paramedics sent him the first-responder fee of nearly $150 after he says they only checked his pulse and gave him a bottle of water, reports CBS Sacramento.

A photo shows the aftermath of the scary rollover crash that trapped a man and his three children trapped inside.

Derrick Deanda jumped into action and recounted the heart-pounding moment.

“I pulled up right as it happened,” he said. “There was a guy standing inside the van, because it was on its side, holding a 2 year-old infant.”

Deanda broke the glass to free the family before paramedics arrived. Everyone was okay.

But weeks later Deanda got a bill in the mail from the Cosumnes Community Services District with a $143 first-responder fee.

Deputy Chief Mike McLaughlin says his district billed the good Samaritan.

“We’re obligated to provide the same level of service, the same billing the same everything, for every patient we encounter,” he said. Read More

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