WOW – Look What Hispanics Are Doing in Miami – Media Will NEVER Report THIS


Donald Trump is painted by the mainstream liberal media is being woefully out of touch with the Hispanic and African American demographic. In fact, if you believed everything they said you would think blacks and Hispanics had their pitchforks and crosses and we’re ready to burn down his home. However, his rallies and events indicate otherwise and so does this recent social media Facebook post.


The Facebook post read,

“THANK YOU for your support Miami! My team just shared photos from your TRUMP SIGN WAVING DAY, yesterday! I love you – and there is no question – TOGETHER, WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

In Miami, Florida a large organised voting bloc came out to express their support for Donald Trump and they were mostly Hispanic voters! Which isn’t surprising considering the fact that Miami and other parts of southern Florida have a large Cuban and Latin American population.

People could be seen enthusiastically holding up Trump signs and cheering him on. Some signs read, “Hispanas for Trump: Make America Great Again.” Some Hispanic people stood in front of a Cuban restaurant with signs up that read, “Vota Donald and Win.” Also, “In God We Trust” was displayed very clearly on the signs.

So Facebook comments include,

“Jeff Shoemaker: Trump! We love your love for our country! Keep it up till you’re in the White House.??

Vivian Bravo: Latinas por Trump!! Trump para Presidente!!✔️✔️ Let’s make America strong and safe again! ❤️??❤️??❤️

Thomas Burgess: Blacks for trump, whites for trump,Asians for trump,Hispanics for trump..everybody for TRUMP!!!!!!! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!!!

Monica Frank: I live in Miami and I’m a banker. I get to talk to many people. I would say so far 70% would vote Trump. The area I work is mostly business and middle class. I’m a Trump support since the beginning . I really hope you win for the sake of this country. Coming from a communist country I can see where this amazing country is heading to.”

Many comments also show that the Hispanic people supporting him were mostly working class people and entrepreneurs who are legal immigrants. Showing that Donald Trump does have some appeal to minority demographics.