WOW! Meet The Girl Born With No Arms Or Legs Who Lives In A Plastic BOWL

Rahma Haruna was born a healthy girl, but then something happened. She had a mysterious illness that was noticed around the time that she was six months.

She didn’t develop her limbs. That was 19 years ago and she’s still here! Her family in Nigeria takes care of her, carrying her around in a bowl, and feeding/bathing her as needed.

Her condition often forces her to be in pain, but at least she has her family to help relieve her when needed.


THE SUN – The illness, which has prevent her arms and legs from developing, has left the 19-year-old limbless.

Her mum, Fadi, from Kano, Nigeria, explained: “From six months when she learnt how to sit that was when it began. She didn’t learn how to crawl.

“She started with a fever and that was it. Then stomach pains. Then her body parts like hands and legs.”


What a tragic story! Can you imagine all the things you take for granted on a daily basis? Think about what you’re doing right now, then imagine not being able to do it on your own.

This woman LIVES IN A BOWL that you would eat salad or wash your car from. She has to rely on everyone for everything. She literally can’t do anything for herself but think. And I know thinking is a hard thing for the rest of us, but maybe we should try it sometime. It won’t hurt for us to be more open minded and use our brains a bit better.

Sometimes we complain when an elevator is out, but can you imagine what it would feel like if this woman could walk up steps for the first time? She has not ever felt that.

She’s also black, so whenever Black Lives Matter wants to help her family to give this woman an easier life, then that would be great.

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