Wow! Obama Met With Black Lives Matter Terrorists Wednesday – Met With Alton Sterling’s Son Thursday

President Obama met with Black Lives Matter protesters and will now meet with the son of the dead criminal, Alton Sterling.

Obama is about to meet with a 15 year old Cameron Sterling and I have no idea what they plan to talk about. This would be fine if Obama had also scheduled a meeting with the following five families:

  1. Patrick Zamarripa
  2. Brent Thompson
  3. Lorne B. Ahrens
  4. Michael J. Smith
  5. Michael Krol

If Obama meets with anyone, it should be the families of the five cops who were killed protecting the Black Lives Matter protesters in Dallas. They should come first. They chose to protect and serve and are now disrespected by Obama.

I don’t know what Obama will say to Alton Sterling’s kid, so I made my own list of questions for Cameron Sterling.

  1. How often did you really see your Dad? When was the last time you saw him?
  2. Did you know he owed almost $25,000 in child support?
  3. Do you know the underage girl he had relations with?
  4. Did he read to you at night when you were a child?
  5. Did him and your mother get along?
  6. Which of his numerous crimes did you know about?
  7. Does your school participate in Michelle Obama’s awful school lunch program? If so, how bad is it?
  8. Did your father ever curse or swear around you?
  9. Did your father hit you?
  10. Do you wish you had a different family?

GATEWAY PUNDIT – President Obama will meet Thursday with Cameron Sterling, the son of the late Alton Sterling, who was killed last week in an incident with Baton Rouge, La., police, according to one of Sterling’s attorneys.

Sterling will also attend Obama’s town hall event Thursday night, where he will ask the president a question.

Obama spent much of Wednesday meeting with law enforcement leaders and Black Live Matter advocates at the White House about how to handle continued national protests of police officers shooting African-Americans.

So the boy will ask Obama a scripted question and will receive a scripted teleprompt answer.

And Obama meets with Black Lives Matter and law enforcement officials to discuss officers shooting African-Americans?

Why doesn’t Obama meet with those two groups and talk about how to get people to follow the law, then remind them that if you’re not following the law, that you could be shot?

What’s wrong with his logic?

Why isn’t the focus on getting people to STOP committing crime, rather than to figure out why officers shoot African Americans?

Why is the focus only on African Americans? Cops shoot more white people than anything, but do you see me complaining? I believe that if you’re pulling a gun on a cop, or you look like one, and the officer tells you 90 times to STOP or PUT IT DOWN, then we have to listen.

Otherwise, we get shot.

That’s how the law works and that’s how it should work. If you break the law and don’t listen to police, then there’s consequences and people need to remember that.

I feel terrible that the boy has to grow up in that family, that lifestyle, that household. He absolutely deserves a much better chance at success and a better life away from the crime ridden parent he’s used to. Or not used to. We have no idea how often the boy saw his father.

I hope the boy lives a long prosperous life and I hope he heals from this tragedy.

However, Obama needs to respect the families of the fallen officers and show some unity with the police. His anti-police antics make him seem like a racist cop hating leftist.

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