Wow. Race Rioters MOCK US Soldier They Blocked From Getting to Hospital for Surgery [TWEET]


Race rioters continue to wreak havoc upon a nation attempting to heal age-old wounds that were recently reopened by monsters like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

But just when you thought this scourge on society couldn’t go any lower, it got worse.

A group of “black lives matter” protesters who thought it would be fun to shut down a section of Interstate 93 south of Boston ended up delaying surgery for a U.S. soldier who was on his way to the hospital for treatment that would allow him to keep fighting for freedom.

The race rioters came close to being accused of murder by an enraged public, as they also blocked ambulancesand forced them to re-route with critical patients inside. Luckily, this time no one died.

The story could have ended there, but it didn’t.

Sheehan posted a tweet of himself lying in a hospital bed, thankful that he was receiving the surgery, but not in any way thanks to the group of what he politely labeled as “protesters” who shut down the interstate (H/T WZ).


In return, he was mocked and attacked through social media from the hordes of “black lives matter” anti-police race rioters who clearly need to proof their tweets before sending them out.


While we’re not exactly sure who “Eric Gardener” is, let’s assume that the race rioter is referring to Eric Garner, the black career criminal who died of cardiac arrest as a result of a police encounter while illegally selling goods on a New York City street — an encounter that involved a black supervising officer on the scene.

Another cringe-worthy element of irony surrounding the tweet is that while they call Sheehan “Mr. white privilege.” Sheehan was simply on his way to get treated so that he could return to work.

These simple-minded race rioters stood in the middle of an interstate on a weekday while other “privileged” drivers had to weave through them to get to, you guessed it, work.

“Work” is something that the feeble-minded, racist race rioters behind “Viva la causa!” should probably investigate.

It’s ironic, really, that this brave soldier, Joe Sheehan, was stopped during his trip for corrective surgery that would allow him to stay in the military to fight for the race rioters’ right to protest.

Not that they appreciate that in any sense whatsoever, but it’s worth pointing out.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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