Wow. This Billboard Honoring Chris Kyle Is Powerful [FULL PIC]


“Everything is bigger in Texas,” as the saying goes. One billboard in the Lone Star State is living up to those words by showing appreciation for an American hero in a big way.

Chris Kyle called Texas his home. The Navy SEAL served the country as the most lethal sniper in U.S. history and deployed overseas for multiple tours.

That military service is the basis of the book “American Sniper,” as well as the new movie with the same name. Kyle was tragically murdered in 2013, but a giant billboard is now reminding people that he is not forgotten.


The large electronic display reads: “Chris Kyle, U.S.N. (1974-2013) Thank you for your service. You made me proud. I will never forget you. -TEXAS.”

According to several people who have snapped photos of the billboard, it is located on State Highway 75 near Dallas, Texas.

The tribute brought many comments from viewers online. “That’s what I’m talking about! Mega props to whoever paid the cash for the board. Kyle was a great man and patriot,” wrote one person on a Texas hunting forum.

“I wish we would see more of this for all of our solders. CPO Kyle was truly a national hero,” said another person.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see this kind of public support for America’s men and women in uniform. The left seems to be addicted to bashing the military, without pausing to consider the sacrifices that soldiers make.

Chris Kyle, of course, was not perfect. He was human. Like so many others, he stepped up when the country asked him to, and put his life on the line to take the fight to America’s enemies.

That service deserves to be recognized — and so does the service of every person who is part of the U.S. military.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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