Wow. Thug Who Shot Ferguson Cops Caught on Jail Cell Audio Making Shocking Admission


From Conservative TribuneAlthough the situation in Ferguson, Mo., had mostly calmed since last year’s riots, it was all stirred up again last month with the controversial Department of Justice report released by the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder’s report exonerated Officer Darren Wilson while simultaneously smearing the rest of the Ferguson Police Department, sparking a new round of protests that ultimately ended with two police officers being shot and wounded.

The man believed to be responsible for shooting the two officers, Jeffrey Williams, is currently being held in the St. Louis County Justice Center while awaiting trial.

Recently the Associated Press obtained audio from the jail’s telephone system, which is recorded and kept as public record. One recording appears to reveal Williams speaking to someone about the shooting, essentially admitting his guilt in the matter.

“Nobody aiming at no police,” Williams says. “I ran up the hill and he (an unidentified person) shot at the car. … I shot back,” Williams said.

According to the Houston Chronicle, in a separate phone call, Williams expressed concern about the potential length of the prison sentence he would be facing.

“Even though I was in the wrong, though, I should have just went the other way,” he said. “Oh man, now I’m looking at 10 years.”

Jerryl Christmas, the attorney for Williams, said that he hasn’t heard the audio yet, but said his client has told him he wasn’t involved in the shooting and until he tells him otherwise, he remains committed to proving his innocence.

“My client has maintained to me that he never fired a gun that night,” Christmas said. “So until I’m able to see evidence that I can distinctly talk to him about, I have to maintain my commitment to the statements that he has made to me.”

Christmas was also highly critical of the jail for releasing the audio of his client’s phone calls, although the jail is quite clear about the public nature of their phone system.

Whether Williams intentionally fired at the police officers or was firing at a fellow thug and missed, hitting the police with stray rounds, really doesn’t matter at this point.

Williams shot two police officers should be held accountable for those actions. If these recordings make it easier for that to happen, so much the better.

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