WOW Trump Just Dropped EVERYTHING To Do This In Ohio, Something Obama Has NEVER Done!

Donald Trump just did something super amazing and he’s not even President yet. Trump interrupted his “Thank You” tour and visited Ohio State to meet with victims, friends, and families affected by the recent attack.

Donald Trump hasn’t been officially inagurated yet, but he’s already doing meaningful things to bring people together. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Trump, but what matters is that he showed up to support people at a time when they’ve become a bit weary or vulnerable. He showed up, brought strength, and encouraged unity.

Obama isn’t exactly known for that. Unfortunately, Obama has been sort of the opposite of the symbol of strength and unity. Sometimes just showing up to a place where something disastrous has happened is a good sign to the people and helps them fix whatever went wrong.

A visit from the President is meaningful, even if they’re not the President yet.

Do you think Obama would stop a golf trip and visit Ohio State?


NY POST – DES MOINES, Iowa — In the midst of his cabinet deliberations, President-elect Donald Trump flew to Ohio on Thursday to meet with victims and families after the latest US outbreak of violence, a somber duty that became all too familiar to his predecessor.

In Columbus, Trump met with those who had been attacked by a knife-wielding Ohio State University student and had words of tribute for astronaut and senator John Glenn of Ohio — “indeed an American hero” — who died Thursday at 95. Then he was off to Des Moines, for the latest stop on his victory tour of states that helped him win the presidency.

“The script is not yet written. We do not know what the page will read tomorrow. But for the first time in a long time we know the pages will be authored by each and every one of you,” said Trump, who mixed in promises to heal a divided nation with boasts about the size of his victories, from the early primaries to last month’s defeat of Hillary Clinton.



You don’t have to be President of the United States to act like a caring human and show your face as a sign of support for people affected by an attack of any sorts.

You just have to be a human being with even a remotely small amount of compassion.

Now that doesn’t mean turn into a bleeding heart liberal, because those folks are generally mental nut-cases, and we’d like to not go that route.

But, it’s OK to care about people without being a crazed maniac.

I’m very glad Trump visited Ohio to hang out with the regular people for a while, and I know it must be making the liberals mad that he took a few minutes of his time to visit people.

I bet it crushes the leftists to see Trump spend time with regular people.

Can you imagine what’s going through their brains? OMG TRUMP IS WITH NORMAL PEOPLE OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! HOW CAN HE DO THIS! WHAT DO WE SAY NOW!!!

Liberal heads are exploding right now.



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