WOW! Trump Just Had A MASSIVE Poll Increase, Hillary’s Freaking OUT!

What a contrast there was between the RNC and DNC.

The RNC showed a unified Republican Party. The “Never Trump” crowd is almost completely a thing of the past, and attendees were enthusiastic about their candidate. By contrast, let’s take a peak at the DNC:

Day one: no mention of ISIS, and there’s not a single American flag to be seen.

Day two: The mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and other criminals who would be alive today if they didn’t assault law enforcement officers were given the podium The theme appeared to be an embracement of criminality, and was appropriately closed out for the night with a speech by Bill Clinton.

Day Three: the Democrats turn on the heat up with their criticisms of Trump, but nobody was paying attention anymore. For the first day, the DNC’s ratings dipped below the RNC’s.

Oh, and during a speech that included a moment of silence for fallen police officers, that moment of silence was quickly interrupted by chants of “Black Lives Matter.” Real classy move.

Now, having lead the race for months, Hillary Clinton is finally seeing a reversal of fortune in the polls. As Breitbart reported:

Republican nominee Donald Trump gained 17 points in roughly two weeks, according to the Reuters online tracking poll.

On July 14, 2016, Trump was 15 points behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton 46.5 percent to 31.5 percent. However as of July 26, 2016, Trump closed that 15 point gap and is now up two points over Clinton, 40.2 percent to 38.5 percent.

The Reuters/IPSOS polling data was fairly consistent during the Republican primaries — keeping Trump in the lead from February through May, which proved to be accurate.

Additionally, IPSOS received a high polling accuracy score — an “A-” — from FiveThirtyEight.

Here’s what the polls look like visually. This is the Real Clear Politics average, which reflects the average polling numbers each candidate has among a dozen or so polls.


Does this mean a Trump victory is eminent? It’s still too close too call, but momentum is building for Trump, and if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that he doesn’t tend to lose momentum one he gets it.

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