WOW: TX Residents Call FBI When They See “Arabic Surprise” Left on City Hall

From Conservative Tribune:

According to KJTV in Texas, an unauthorized banner was seen draping on the side of Lubbock’s new city hall building Monday morning and created quite a commotion — not because it wasn’t supposed to be there, but because it showed striking similarities to the Islamic State’s flag.

The translation of the banner? “Love for everyone.”

Not too sure who the genius was behind this ploy, but the FBI ended up involved and the banner was promptly removed from the building.

“I’m Lebanese and I wouldn’t even think to post anything in Arabic,” Nicolas Nasr, a Texas Tech student, told the station. “Something like that should not be posted up. It is the right thing to take the precautions and go ahead and call Homeland Security.”

“I don’t know what was the point of putting a flag like that in downtown Lubbock. For the circumstances that have been going on around the world and in the U.S. And in the Middle East and everyone around the world, it kind of is the right reaction,” he added.

Prior to the flag being removed, Mayor Glen Robertson emailed City Manager James Loomis stating, “I am requesting that the flag be removed immediately, that we get an accurate translation of the flag, and that Chief Stevens notify the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and our Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department.

“I am also requesting that we take whatever steps are necessary to secure the building and ensure that this does not happen again,” Robertson wrote.

The Lubbock Police remained initially uncertain who draped the banner.

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