WOW: The ultimate Jerry-rigged prosthetic limb pays dividends


When times are tough some people get creative.  A man from Mexico came to the U.S. and visited a prosthetic company known as Hanger Clinic.  He showed them his prosthetic leg and they were astonished at  how cool it was. Hanger Clinic decided they would do a straight up trade with the man for a brand new prosthetic limb if he agreed to trade. Of course the unknown man agreed to the deal and was given a brand new state of the art limb at no cost.

The craftiness of this leg is like other. The pieces that make it up just straight out of a junk yard. Rusty nails, copper wire, a Campbell’s soup can, a dog leash and collar, a converse All-Star shoe is the prosthetic foot, and pieces of wood are used as an armature to build the leg.

This beast is truly an iconic piece of trash that served its purpose for many years.

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