WOW! Watch Liberal Bernie Fan Destroy Hillary And Tell Why She’s on TRUMP TRAIN Now!

Most of Bernie’s supporters don’t like Donald Trump – but they really hate Hillary Clinton.

Like many Trump supporters, Bernie supporters value the personality of their candidate over policy. For that reason, it wouldn’t be too hard to convert Sanders supporters into Trump supporters. All throughout the primary, polls consistently showed between 30-50% of Sanders supporters saying that they’d never vote for Hillary Clinton even if Hillary won the Primary nomination.

The latest to change her mind on the issue is journalist Cassandra Fairbanks. Fairbanks supported Bernie Sanders during the Democrat Primary, and has been a champion of numerous liberal causes over the many years. But luckily, she’s coming over to our side following the insanity of the Left.

Via 100 Percent FedUp

Cassandra’s points about why she’s supporting Donald Trump over Hillary are based on common sense and facts. These are all ideas that many, if not most Americans would agree with. Is the lure of having free stuff a Democrat in the White House so great, that many Democrats are willing to give up our national security and sovereignty in order to make that happen?

Liberals predictably attacked her for it, but why would she care? She’s finally free from having to associate with those crazies.

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