WOW! Watch What This Jamaican Olympian Does When The US National Plays During Live Broadcast

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter whose a legend in the track and field but his legendary behavior far exceeds the race track. He has seven Olympic gold medals one of which he received at this years Olympics in Rio. He is widely considered the fastest man in the world. While being interviewed during an Olympic event back in 2012 he did something that was very patriotic. But not to the country you’d expect…

Watch what he did below,

Bolt was talking with a reporter when he said,

“Well uh, lightning bolt is good enough for me. Uh, it was all about business today. I came out to defend my title and that is what I did.”

When the interviewer continues to ask questions he interrupts politely and asks if the interview is live. He then proceeds to turn around and stand at attention for the American national anthem and remains silent until it is finished.

The interviewer starts the interview right back up as it finishes.

Bolt responded to her questions about being referenced as a legend saying,

“Ya people say that, I’ve got one more step, finished my first. I’m going out their to do my best. I’m going to defend my title. After that one I’ll say I’m a legend but that’s my favorite one and that’s what I’m going out their to do.”

Usain Bolt has distinguished himself as one of the greatest athletes in the world. Not only does he perform on the track but he clearly is a man of integrity with respect and reverence for others and their differences. His gesture of respect to the United States was one that certainly did not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. He is the epitome of a class act. I think many Americans will be rooting for him in his final games.

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