WTF: Gay YouTube Star Beats Himself Up, Calls It A ‘Hate Crime’

WOW!  More fake hate crimes. You can’t hide the truth no matter how hard you try. It will be brought to the light. Pathetic people like this don’t do anything to help this society. Parasites are oxygen thieves.

What did he think he was going to accomplish out of beating himself up? He obviously did a terrible job. Beat yourself harder. This does nothing to help the gay community..sweetie.

From Louder With Crowder

The thing about hate crimes is… people like to fake them. A lot. Especially gay people. Aaand sometimes they take things too far. I know what you’re thinking. Sometimes? More like all the times (see Gay Bar Owner Torched his Own Bar, Blamed it on Anti-Gay ‘Hate’). They’re gays, okay? They don’t know how to do anything non-flamingly. Hence the whole “gay pride” thing. Sort of goes against their whole identity.

This guy is a shining example. He recently landed in the hospital as the victim of a “hate crime.” Or so he claims.


YouTube personality Calum McSwiggan claimed to be the victim of a brutal hate crime on Sunday, yet an investigation by the Los Angeles police revealed he likely fabricated the entire incident.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department told an entirely different story about the incident. Officers arrested McSwiggan on Sunday evening purportedly vandalizing a car, with no visible injuries to himself. Read More

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