WTF??? Hypocrite Hillary Just Whined OTHER People ‘Aren’t Held Accountable’ (VIDEO)

Someone doesn’t understand irony…

Just the other day, Donald Trump released a Pokemon Go themed attack ad against Hillary Clinton, which you can watch below.

As creative and humorous as it is – I’ll be the first to point out that it’s factually inaccurate. Hillary Clinton doesn’t get caught.

Even she seems to have forgotten that fact. As Downtrend reports:

Hillary Clinton got away with murder after Benghazi. Then, after a not-so-kosher meet-up between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill, Lynch announced her office would NOT file charges against Hillary in the email server case even though there was evidence of a crime.

Yet today, Hillary Clinton stood at the same podium as Abraham Lincoln and had the gall to bemoan the fact OTHERS are not held accountable.

Watch the cringe-worthy moment below:

And liberals say Trump is clueless.

God help us if she’s elected president.