WTF??? People Are Now Having Sex With Stuffed Animals

Ummm…what the hell is this? What is going on in our world today? This is not normal.

Everyone has gone insane. I’ll stick the real thing…thanks!

From Daily Wire

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any weirder, the UK has been swept by a new trend: People are having emotional and sexual relationships with their stuffed animals.

According to The Sun, “plushies” are “people who are either emotionally attached to or sexually intimate with their stuffed animals.” This fetish is commonly known as “plushophilia.”

Plushies become intimate with their furry toys, usually placing vibrators and other sex toys inside of them. Some buy lingerie for their stuffed animal to “make it a little more enjoyable to undress them,” notes The Sun. (Though it seems rather redundant to dress a teddy in a teddy.) Read More

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