WTF!? Chris Kyle’s Wife Trying To Stop His Family From Helping Wounded Vets


Jeff Kyle, the brother of slain former Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, posted to his Facebook that Chris’ wife, Taya, had directed lawyers to send a “cease & desist” order to an organization the Kyle family is working with, because they are raising funds for wounded veterans.

Of course Jeff Kyle didn’t come out and name Taya, because she’d probably sue him. But for the sake of what we know personally, we can make this educated connection between the them.

Two organizations have teamed up to raise funds for veterans, and are using the Kyle name, with permission of the Kyle family.

One organization, a Texas based extreme obstacle race team called Lone Star Spartans, has been holding annual race events in memory of Chris Kyle, and to raise money for vets. Jeff Kyle took part in last year’s race. The other organization, Survival Straps, is sponsoring the race. The event benefits the Guardian For Heroes Foundation, and America’s Mighty Warriors.

Navy SEAL Marc Lee


Before Chris was killed, he publicly promised America’s Mighty Warriors half of all the profits that came from his book, American Sniper. If you aren’t aware of the significance of this charity we’ll explain.

America’s Mighty Warriors was founded by Debbie Lee, the mother of the first Navy SEAL to be killed in Iraq, Marc Lee. Marc was killed on August 2, 2006. The foundation runs “Heroes Hope Home,” a retreat where families of fallen servicemen & women can come for rest and relaxation, and to reflect and rejuvenate. The organization also helps wounded vets pay for experimental treatments not covered by the VA or insurance, amongst other things.

Marc’s mother Debbie and Chris became family, to the point where Chris even named her “Momma Lee”.

Chris and Debbie were brought together by a tragic incident, but together they vowed to make the lives of other veterans greater. This is why Chris promised the profits of his book American Sniper to the charity America’s Mighty Warriors.

What most Americans dont know is that Taya gave Debbie Lee and America’s Mighty Warriors the big fat “F*ck You” and kept every single penny from Chris Kyle’s Book, instead of keeping true to Chris’s word; she pocketed the money.

Because $1.4 million dollars from Glenn Beck wasn’t enough, on top of all the American Sniper royalties and cash donations she’s snagged up along the way.

America’s Mighty Warriors Founder Debbie Lee and Chris Kyle

Taya has a track record now of dishonoring Chris’s wishes, and destroying everything he built, which included firing all his friends and suing the very company that Chris built, Craft International,LLC.

Before Chris died he made it his life to continue helping others, and he wouldn’t want it any other way.  And thats why the ‘Blood’ Kyle family continues to honor him by helping others in Chris’s name. They seek no fame, recognition, nor profits. They want one thing, to help other veterans in need. They do this by allowing these veteran charities to use Chris’s name to raise funds which benefit warriors directly.


According to the Guardian For Heroes site, [we] “humbly and proudly carry the torch Chris Kyle left us and champion the cause to restore hope, renew spirits, and replenish energy for combat veterans transitioning to post military life.

Guardian for Heroes Foundation provides free, in-home fitness equipment, facilitation of donated health club memberships, individualized programs, personal training and life coaching to in-need veterans with disabilities, Gold Star families and those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) from combat deployment. We use physical and mental fitness to spark conversation and create a source of support for combat veterans.”

There is also memorial race scheduled for October of this year.

chris kyle memorial run

These are just a couple of the things scheduled in the pipeline that the Kyle family has going on to help other veterans.


A previous incident came up a few months ago and many Special Forces operators who knew and worked with Chris said that as crazy as all these allegations seemed they were all sadly true. These are Chris’s closest friends, people who fought alongside him in the toughest battles.

Previous comments about an article that exposed Taya, however she threatened to sue a triple amputee veteran so the article was taken down. These are Chris Kyle’s friends confirming the article allegations as true.

These previous allegations claimed that Chris was not even living with Taya when he was killed, and they were PREPARING FOR DIVORCE! Chris Kyle’s friends knew this, and it’s why Taya has acted the way she has with such malice for anything Chris wished for. She was a scorned woman, who fell into riches after Chris was murdered.

In 2014, Chris Kyle’s former business partners say that Taya was engaged in character assassination, in an attempt to take control of Chris’s Company in order to get its assets, because apparently the millions weren’t enough.

Just remember this is the same Taya who made sure the ‘real’ Kyle family was not invited to a Texas state ceremony that honored their son Chris. Taya is next of kin, she has full authority over who gets the invites. Somehow the Kyle’s parents and family were never invited. It was later blamed on an error by the State of Texas. We all know that’s bullshit.

Now, back to the story at hand. Jeff Kyle stated in his post that ‘Someone with the same last name’ [Taya Kyle] had her lawyers send the cease-and-desist order to one of the organizations because she is not personally benefiting from the event.

With all this information out on the table it makes complete sense, take the blinders off people; Taya is a fraud!

We’re not sure what’s going on here, but, what good reason could there be for Taya to attempt to stop Chris’ family from helping wounded veterans? We can’t think of any.

We spoke to a war veteran who knows the family, and they told us that Taya has done nothing but disrespect the Kyle family and has spit on all of Chris Kyle’s closest friends, including destroying the company that Chris built.

Yeah, Taya lost her soon to be divorced husband, but be a woman, stand up. Honor Chris’s name, your children’s name, Let them live his legacy and help others. Collecting millions of dollars and threatening lawsuits against charities shows your true colors, Taya. You’re a rock star now, millionaire, D-List celeb on a good day, and…. a scorned wife. You’ll meet your maker one day, and Chris will be there waiting for you to collect what’s his.

And here’s Jeff Kyle’s Facebook post:

In case this facebook is deleted by facebook we have got a screen capture of it below:


Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.