Pissed Wyoming Patriots Just Royally Enraged Every Muslim In Their State With What They Did Overnight

There have been numerous terrorist attacks over the past several years. These attacks can all be traced back to one thing and one thing only, radical Islam. Though the left would have everyone believe that this is a peaceful religion that has been simply misunderstood.

Americans were sick and tired of hearing this dangerous rhetoric and decided to push back. Which is just one of the many reasons why Donald Trump was elected as president last fall. During his campaign, Trump promised he would crack down on illegal immigration, strengthen our border, and vet refugees. Of course, the left is doing their best to stop Trump but the American people’s resolve is as strong as ever.

Chelsea and Jon Roan are members of Americans for a Secure Wyoming. After hearing about the dozens of rapes, attacks, and lies from the media about Islam, they decided to hold a demonstration. These two patriots wanted their voices to be heard and to express their disgust with the Quran. Needless to say, Muslims are slightly pissed off about it, but in my opinion, it is awesome.

Which brings us to this awesome video you just have to watch.

The group gathered in Gillette, Wyoming at Camplex Park in order to make their video. Currently, there are only a handful of Muslims that reside in Wyoming, and they want to keep it that way.

Chelsea Roan burning the Quran

Chelsea lays the Quran face down on a grill before lighting it. While she does this she states that they are burning this book for all those who have been harmed because of it. In the background, you can hear someone shout to in the distance. Chelsea responds saying that burning the Quran is for the 5-year-old girl who was raped in Iowa, and the media covered it up.

The Quran being burned.

I am sure you can imagine that this did not go over too well with liberals. The liberal mayor Louise Carter-King was invited to the demonstration, but of course, declined. King posted on her Facebook page that she had hoped would “reconsider” burning the Quran.

Here is the post.

“Thank you for the invitation, but I must respectfully decline attending either your gathering or any other gathering that may occur at Cam-Plex park regarding this issue. Gillette is celebrating it’s [sic] 125th birthday on Saturday and there are many activities that I will be attending in conjunction with the celebration.

While we do recognize everyone’s right to freedom of speech and assembly, we do ask that you reconsider the burning of the Quran at your event. While we also recognize that this is well within your rights to do, the impact of such an act would not only be felt throughout Gillette, but also well outside the confines of our community. My feeling is that this type of an act is not what our community needs right now. Consequently, I respectfully request that you remove the burning of the book from your event on Saturday. – Mayor Louise Carter-King”

Well, not only did King express her thoughts on the matter but so did other brainwashed liberals. Some even had the audacity to say that this protest was disgusting and wanted to plan a counter rally.

According to Star Tribune:

“Michelle Argento, who described being disgusted by the event, said she would like to organize a counter rally.”

 “I have been in talks with other people about doing something, a peaceful protest, including renting the shelter next door and blasting Mariah Carey,” she said.

Jon Roan, an electrician for a local coal mine, said he is organizing the event with his wife and another man.

“We’re trying to raise awareness,” he said. “It’s mostly we don’t want Syrian refugees here in Wyoming. We’ve had a few protests about it.”

Dave McCormick, who manages the park says it is in city limits and allowed the group to assemble. McCormick said that is their First Amendment right to protest and let their voices be heard. McCormick also said that he was not concerned that their protest would incite violence. In the past, there were other protests that were small and nothing came from it.

“There were just a few people showed up,” he said. “They had signs and so forth. It really was no big deal. Had there been a big issue at the courthouse, we may have looked at it a little differently and have been cautious or whatever. Like any other group we allowed them to go ahead and have an event at one of our shelters.”

I think that these sorts of protests should happen more often. By making our voices heard and these radicals knowing how we feel it will thwart future attacks. We cannot continue to coddle these people and expect them to take us seriously. Their religion explicitly calls for violence and that does not mesh with our values in America. If they want to live under Sharia law then they can go back to the Middle East and practice to their heart’s content.

What do you think about this protest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

H/T [ US Herald ]

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