Yazidi Girl Reveals What Muslims Are Doing With Their Sex Slaves’ Infants


Another instance of Islamic atrocities that no one cares about. These people are not just terrorists blowing things up, they are also committing heinous crimes against humanity, specifically Christians! 

If liberals want to talk about the war on women, look no further than the Middle East… 

From Mad World:  Many of the woman and young girls abducted by Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) militants are with child or become pregnant as sex slaves to devout Muslims. However, it’s now revealed what Daesh is doing with the male and female babies born to their captives — and it’s more horrific than we could imagine.

In a recent interview with Reuters‘ journalist Sophie Shevardnadze, a Yazidi aid worker, known only as Vian, disclosed gruesome details about the unbearable plight of ISIS’s sex slaves.

Vian had helped rescue Yazidis trapped by the Islamic State in the mountains of Sinjar. Thousands of civilians had to choose between converting to Islam and becoming slaves or dying of thirst and starvation in the mountains.

The women and children knew they would be raped and sold into slavery, while the men would undoubtedly be slaughtered. Unfortunately, 3,314 women and children were kidnapped, and 1,026 men were killed or taken captive.

Having the opportunity to assist women and children who’ve escaped ISIS, Vian spoke of the horrors many young girls faced on a daily basis in captivity.

“Underage girls and unmarried women are sold, raped, gang-raped, and tortured in the most atrocious ways,” Vian said.

“Just try to imagine what it’s like to be an 11-year-old girl who gets sold into slavery, and then brutally raped and abused. And now she comes back from captivity, and the government won’t move a finger to help her.”

Vian explained that no female is exempt from this sexual abuse, regardless of age, and if they are attractive, they are passed from one jihadist to another.

“When she refused to do what an ISIL man told her to do, he said, ‘I will kill your entire family and make you watch, and then I’ll sell you to a dozen ISIL fighters.’ If girls refuse to have sex, the Jihadists sell them to one fighter after another, and they get raped anyway in the end.”

When asked about the abducted children and babies born unto captive mothers, Vian’s testimony took an even darker turn. She revealed that girl infants are stripped from the mothers and either butchered before their eyes or sold to fighters as sex slaves.

“Many of the kids are just killed. A woman told me that militants murdered her daughter who was only one year old. She was killed cruelly right in front of her mother’s eyes,” she said.

“And the mother was taken into slavery by an ISIL fighters.”

Yazidi Girl Reveals What Muslims Are Doing With Their Sex Slaves' Infants

Of course, ISIS has different plans for the male children. If they do not slaughter them right away, little boys are often removed from their mothers, heavily indoctrinated with the Quran, and forced to do ISIS’s bidding as child soldiers.

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