When I hear the word ‘Yazidi’ I know and understand the important role they play in Iraqi politics, but I think many American do not. Besides playing an important role in their nation, they are a very small minority who are located in the far northern region of Iraq.

The Islamic State looks at the Yazidi as essentially westerners, not only because they are backed by European and American forces but also because they have bloodlines that give blonde hair and colored eyes which inst considered pure to them. Furthermore, Members of the Islamic State vowed to impregnate the women to destroy their ancient sect’s bloodline.

In the entire world there are roughly 700,000 Yazidi people, and most reside in Northern Iraq.

“Under Ottoman rule in the 18th and 19th centuries alone, the Yazidis were subject to 72 genocidal massacres. More recently in 2007, hundreds of Yazidis were killed as a spate of car bombs ripped through their stronghold in northern Iraq”. according to The Guardian.

The Yazidi are Iraq’s toughest and most dedicated fighting force. They further proved this when they stood up to the Islamic State fighters after the Iraqi Army deserted their posts. These are people who understand the importance of standing up and fighting till death, because if they don’t they will be wiped from existence. Sounds just  like are allies in Israel.

Here are some images taken over the past month of the Yazidi people, look at their struggle, and realize that these are the people our American soldiers fought far during Operation Iraqi Freedom.








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