Years After 9/11 Mastermind Was Killed, bin Laden’s Wife Reveals Humiliating Thing He Did When He Died

How embarrassing!

Muslims talk a big game when they’re in groups, as they parade around with their black flags thinking their the world’s toughest badasses. Capture one of these clowns however, and they’re the biggest pansies on planet earth, as many soldiers who have captured these vermin during military operations will attest. Now hilariously, Osama Bin Laden’s youngest wife is coming forward with her story about husband’s reaction that fateful night as our Navy SEALs stormed their bunker, revealing that the Taliban leader was actually one of the biggest vaginas to ever roam planet earth.

bin Laden and his youngest wife, Amal

Amal bin Laden was bin Laden’s fourth wife and youngest wife. She recounted in a recent story to the UK Times what it was like to have her husband and 9/11 mastermind die in a massive barrage of United States military gunfire. She and her six children lived in their “safe house” in the mountains of Abbottabad in Pakistan, along with Osama’s two other wives Khairiah and Seham, along with their multiple spawn.

Dinner, dishes, and prayer were finished and bin Laden and Amal went to bed, where they were both fast asleep by 11 pm. But then Amal woke up uneasily just past midnight, knowing something was wrong. The streets outside were dark, due to an electricity shortage in the area, but she could see shadows dancing on their windows and a distant “chop chop” sound sent her into an instant panic. Bin Laden sat up frightened out of his mind, knowing exactly what it was. “The Americans are coming,” he cried out in the dark like a scared little child. Then suddenly there was a loud screeching noise that rocked the entire house.

Amal and Bin Laden clutched each other as the crept towards their balcony to get a better look. “It was a moonless night and difficult to see,” Amal recounted. But just past their line of sight were two US military Black Hawks and 24 badass Navy SEALS stealthily making a beeline straight to the compound.

Bin Laden then went into instant panic mode, crying out to his small child Khlaid for help. Bin Laden’s son then rushed to grab an AK-47, but Amal knew that her husband hadn’t even freaking fired it since he was 13 years old.

Bin Laden would never get a chance to test his shooting skills, as right then they heard a blast as the SEALs blew the gate to their house completely off.

“They want me, not you,” bin Laden finally said, as he told his family to go downstairs. Amal and bin Laden decided to pray to Allah in a last final attempt at refuge, but there would be no answer from Allah that night. Amal said it was then that they realized someone within their inner circle had betrayed them, and gave away the location of their safe house.

As bin Laden continued to hide like a coward, his two daughters, Sumaiya and Miriam, were then forced to defend the compound alone, where they rushed the SEALs as they began the raid, but two daughters were quickly flung like rag dolls against the wall. That’s when SEAL Robert O’Neill went in for the kill, finding bin Laden hiding behind his youngest wife Amal. Amal too tried to defend her husband and rushed O’Neill, where she was promptly shot by another SEAL in the leg.

Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill who killed bin Laden

More SEALs then swarmed the room, firing the fatal rounds into bin Laden’s head. Amal had passed out from her injuries but woke shortly after, where she pretended to play dead and tried to slow her breathing.

The entire bin Laden family then tried to play games with the Navy SEALs, refusing to identify the body of bin Laden by giving a fake name. Finally one of the children made a positive identification saying, “That’s my father, Osama bin Laden.”

According to Amal, one of the SEALs then grabbed bin Laden’s wife Khairiah, yelling at her, “stop f***ing with me! Who is that?” She finally answered that it was Osama.

“Hey, dual confirmation,” the Arabic-speaking SEAL said. “Confirmed it with the kid. Confirmed it with the old lady.”

The special forces team then dragged bin Laden’s corpse down the stairs to a waiting helicopter, where according to Amal, his head bumped along the entire way.

Of course bin Laden will continue to be celebrated as a god-like badass among Muslim terrorists, but in the end he died like a scared little beeotch, hiding behind his youngest wife as his daughters and children were forced to defend the compound. If this is really the caliber of “elite” fighters that Muslims really have, they’re going to have to step their game if they think they’re going to take over America.

H/T [Daily Mail]


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