Yemen Unrest: U.S. Closes Embassy, Evacuates Staff … Obama DISARMS Marines? (VIDEO)


On the evening of President Obama’s request for “war powers,” the State Department closed and evacuated the Yemen embassy, including the evacuation of Marines on private planes with conflicting reports that they left behind small arms and vehicles that have been captured by terrorists.

On February 11, 2015, the U.S. chose to close the Yemen embassy, evacuating everyone on private planes. They were followed shortly after by England and France, after Shi’a rebels and terrorists seized power in the region. As if to capitalize on the U.S. leadership falling behind in the Middle East, this announcement and forced evacuation comes hours after President Obama requested new “war powers” from Congress.

The embassy closures came as Houthi rebels, armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and dressed in police uniforms and civilian clothes, patrolled the main boulevards of the capital, Sanaa, some in pickup trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns. (Global News)

The forced evacuation, with the U.S. Marines being told to leave their weapons behind by the U.S. State Department, only seemed to strengthen the resolve of the rebel leader al-Houthi.

“We will not accept pressures. They are of no use,” al-Houthi said in speech broadcast on the rebel group’s own al-Masseria TV network. “Whoever harms the interest of this country could see that their interests in this country are also harmed.” (Global News)

The rebels have had a long list of links, though denied by the Shiite group, to the Islamic State. They confirmed those links later.

Further conflicting reports on what the Marines were ordered to leave behind as they were air lifted by civilian planes by the state department have surfaced.

At first, it was told to the press that the Marines were ordered to abandon all weapons and vehicles.

Later in the hour, the Marines issued a statement that all “crew served weapons” were ordered destroyed while “personal weapons” were ordered to be left behind after being “rendered inoperable.” The Marine Corps did not expand on the issue.

It is interesting to note that crew serviced weapons are large munitions such as heavy machine guns, mortars, automatic grenade launchers, and others that take more than one person to utilize. “Rendered inoperable” in military terms can mean anything from smashing a barrel to removing a firing pin. While it does render them useless for being picked up and fired, it could also mean something as simple as changing a part before they can be used on Americans or our allies. The Marine Corps statement also adds credibility to reports that our own troops were ordered to be disarmed by our own U.S. State Department.

Just a couple of hours later, reports that the rebels captured the vehicles came into the Associated Press. Staff fleeing the Yemen embassy told Rueters that more than 20 vehicles were captured by the rebels.

The group loyal to al-Houthi then swore off their loyalty to al-Qaeda and pledged their undying support for ISIS.

“We announce breaking the pledge of allegiance to the sheikh, the holy warrior and scholar Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri … We pledge to the caliph of the believers Ibrahim bin Awad al-Baghdadi to listen and obey.” (Reuters)

There is no doubt by any report by CENTCOM that they are quite disturbed at reports that the U.S. State Department ordered the evacuation without notice, flew Marines out on civilian planes, and disarmed military personnel without utilizing the Armed Forces or working with the Pentagon. There is also no doubt of the U.S. and the Coalition losing a strategic area close to Saudi’s border only hours after the Presidential request for ambiguous “war powers.”

There were 23 U.S. drone strikes reported in Yemen last year, 26 in 2013, and 41 in 2012, according to Long War Journal, a website that tracks them through media reports. They did very little to stop the rise of this ISIS faction.

Benghazi, Egypt, now Yemen? No wonder even our own allied forces and NATO view us as a weak and decaying world power. Just what will it take for the Pentagon to stand up to the clown show?

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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