Yes, REALLY: Look Who Just Invented Anti-Islamophobia Gum (VIDEO)

And to think; some people think American innovation is a thing of the past. Who knew that the Council on Islamic American Relations would be the ones to bring us a new form of comedy: unintentional comedy.

CAIR recently launched a fake ad for “Islamophobin” – a gum to cure the non-existent problem of “Islamophobia.” (OK – yes, there are hate crimes committed against Muslims. But there are ten times as many committed against Jews in America, which we never seem to hear about.)

Here is their attempt at comedy below:

Michelle Hickford adds:

Without a morsel of irony, CAIR also says: This campaign was inspired by the efforts of the Muslim community in Sweden.

Oh really? Is it that segment of the Muslim community that’s helped make Sweden the rape capital of the West?


Or the segment of the Muslim community that surrounded 10 policemen and forced them to flee after they arrived to relocate a 10-year-old boy after reports of his repeated rape at a refugee facility?

Or perhaps the Muslim immigrant gangs who’ve carried out a string of burglaries in major cities across the country?

Are those the Muslims in Sweden who inspired this “satirical” campaign?

Because they’re just a barrel of laughs…

At least the “actors” they hired from Craigslist finally found employment for a brief time being, I guess.


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