YES! They JUST Voted To BAN The BURQA! And It Passed Overwhelmingly!

The debate weather women should be allowed to wear a burqa, or a burkini, has played a somewhat large role in the media for the last few months. Especially considering the furor that arose in France over it when some people wanted it banned. Others argued it was there right in a free and fair society to do so. Now there is a new development on the issue.

Dutch MPs decided on Tuesday during an overwhelming unanimous vote that they are going to ban the full face burqa from specific public places as well as schools and hospitals. Khadija Arib, speaker of the lower house of parliament said,

“The law is adopted.”

The legislation also refers to public transportation as a place you cannot wear it. The specific language of the legislation bans all clothing that completly covers the fact. From places such as government buildings. It was approved by 132 members in the house that has a total of 150 seats.

Now that it has been passed it goes to the Senate for approval before it actually becomes law. This law is similar to the bans in France and Belgium. As a result tensions between the European and Islamic communities have risen.

Some argue that when you are in another persons country the respectful thing to do is to oblige to the cultural norms of that country. In Europe that would mean removing a full on burqa. While others believe that these are free societies where people should be allowed to do and where what they want within reason. Nobody is hurting anyone by their clothes.

However, forcing someone to not wear clothing is strikingly similar to when they are forced to wear the burqa. But it does not mean they are completly out of options. They can still wear hijabs, which cover their hair but allow people to see there face. So there are plenty of other options for conservative Muslims who wish to maintain and stay true to their principles.

The fine for breaking the law would be 410 euros.

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