You’ll CHEER When You See This Liberal Go Up In Flames After Burning American Flag! (VIDEO)

Guess what happens when you’re an America hating liberal loser who plays with fire by burning the American flag? A little bit of karma comes to light a fire under your feet and remind you to stop being a loser.

Burning the American flag is a sign of being a loser. You’re in America, burning the flag of the land for which you’ve likely spent your entire precious snowflake life.

Everything you are is because of America and you. If you don’t like who you are, then change it. Be something better, because burning the American flag is not cool. If you hate America so much, then move out.

It’s extremely cheap to live in some other countries. You could move to Mexico and live like a King with the value of the American dollar. Actually, maybe not Mexico, but perhaps somewhere like the Philippines or Thailand where you can meet more transgender people than you can handle.

Thailand has tons of she-males and is really cheap to live. So if you hate America and you’re a transgender loving liberal who thinks everyone else is the problem, then go live in Thailand. Save your American money (if you even have a job) and buy a one way ticket to Thailand. Go tie your privates in a knot with some trans-boys and call it a day.

You don’t even have to burn a flag. Just leave. Get out. Go be a loser somewhere else.

Conservative Post – Protesters at the Democratic National Convention grew even rowdier than on previous nights and a U.S. flag was lit on fire — and a protester attempting to dance on the burning flag ended up on fire.

This is why we laugh at millennials, liberals, Democrats…I just don’t understand the logic behind their thinking.

Let me light this flag on fire and walk on it, but not think that I can actually catch on fire. Then let me run towards people because I’m stupid and on fire.

Not only did this loser almost burn himself to a crisp, he could have lit others on fire.

The only point that he proved is that he’s a loser.

Stop being a loser.

burn flag

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