Young BRAT Makes Absurd Demand While On Plane… Airline Slaps Her Down With EPIC Response

A 15-year-old brat who thought she could take legal action against an airline just got a rude awakening on how the real world works.

In July 2014, Chelsea Schiffel was traveling with her family on a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

Schiffel, 15 at the time, alleged that a male passenger sitting beside her touched her inappropriately, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. The man supposedly touched Schiffel’s breasts twice after her mother got up from her seat to speak to a family member who was seated in the rear of the plane.

They asked to be moved, and the airline obliged. Apparently, that wasn’t enough, and the girl’s family attempted to take legal action, which has gone nowhere due to lack of evidence.

However, the airline would have no part of it. They responded to the complaint with a letter stating that flight attendants and passengers said the mother and daughter were allowed to change sets several times and that Schiffel “repeatedly moved in and out of her seat, crawling over the other customer who was attempting to sleep.”

Apparently, she was acting like a brat through most of the flight.

The letter, obtained by News Corp, also stated that Schiffel “wore extremely short shorts” and the family “provided no evidence of any negligence on the part of United regarding this matter.”


“For me it comes across, by them saying that, (it) feels like they were telling me that I was asking for it,” Schiffel said, not unreasonably.

Schiffel and her mother probably thought that by going after a huge company with a sexual abuse complaint, they could make some easy cash, but it turned out that the airline wasn’t going to let a whiny brat get away with behaving like a whiny brat.

Had any real sexual misconduct occurred, the two would have gone after the real perpetrator — not the airline.

H/T Mad World News

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