Young Muslim Child Viciously Attacks Foster Dad, Authorities Are Horrified By What’s In His Mouth

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An ignorant liberal couple was quick to take in an “unaccompanied minor” from Afghanistan, embracing the left’s open doors policy towards Muslim migrants. However, after their bundle of joy brutally attacked his own foster dad, authorities took one look in the asylum seeker’s mouth and knew they had made a huge mistake.

A favorite argument of the left is that the West must open its borders to an incalculable influx of “widows and orphans,” because they are escaping the brutality of their own totalitarian governments. But just as we’ve warned, the wave of asylum seekers making their way into our communities are not at all what the left has promised they’d be.

An Afghani migrant was recently arrested after assaulting the foster dad in Britain earlier this week. The “boy” was registered as a 12-year-old unaccompanied minor in need of a caring family to take him into their home. However, the volunteer couple quickly realized their leftist politicians had failed them.

After savagely beating the father, the migrant was arrested and taken into custody. Only after he had assaulted a British citizen did authorities suspect that it might be a good idea to age-test the aggressive young asylum seeker — the results were nothing less than shocking.

The Daily Mail reports that the migrant, who immigration services believed was not yet a teen, turned out to be much older. Upon examining his teeth, a dentist concluded that the “12-year-old child” was actually a man in his 20s, whose wisdom teeth were already rotting.

“They did a dental check on him and discovered that his wisdom teeth were rotting,” Conservative MP David Davies said. “The dentist said he had to be in at least his 20s but the Home Office strike people down to 16 if they don’t know what their age is for certain, so he was listed as 16.’”

Muslim Child Attacks Foster Dad, Officials Are Horrified By What's In His Mouth

The 20-something Muslim migrant would regularly skip school, break house rules, and verbally abuse his foster family, before lashing out physically. Ironically, it wasn’t until authorities found child pornography and terrorist websites on his cell phone that they suspected he might not be a child after all.

This sinister report comes just days after a 25-year-old Belgian woman was brutally raped by a Muslim refugee who immigration services deemed to be only 16, but he was most likely much older. The alleged teen sexually assaulted the woman only two weeks after completing a course on “how to treat Western women,” proving the liberal policies simply do not work.

“These people come over here and get preferential treatment by claiming they’re 12 and no one wants to call them out,” Davies added. “We’ve seen how bad things can get with other incidents in Europe, like what happened to that poor girl murdered in Sweden. It’s becoming common place. But when their six years is over and they’re being forced to leave they just turn around and say it’s a breach of their human rights. It’s all a complete ruse.”

Of course, like her European sisters, Sweden has fallen for this migration tactic as well. According to the Examiner, Saad Alsaud arrived in Sweden in 2015, claiming refugee status as a migrant child. However, as soon as photos surfaced of this Muslim asylum seeker with his classmates, international outrage ensued.

Muslim Child Attacks Foster Dad, Officials Are Horrified By What's In His Mouth

Along with his facial hair and undeniably manly features, Alsaud is clearly much older than 14, dwarfing his child peers. Still, Swedish leftists refused to question his obvious adulthood, leaving the grown man to cavort with innocent children.

Just last month, a Swedish asylum center worker, 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher, was gruesomely stabbed to death by a “migrant child” under her care. The “15-year-old boy” was arrested, although his age could not be confirmed by the same authorities promising they are screening these asylum seekers.

When the minor showed up in court, it was clear that the clean-shaven 6-ft-tall Somali was most likely another adult migrant posing as a child.

Regardless of age, Europe is living proof that we can neither vet these migrants, nor guarantee that even the minors are safe to house. We are welcoming in an ideology of people who operate solely on Sharia law, and we cannot expect them to refute their beliefs simply because they’ve changed their location.


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