‘You’re All Hypocrites!’: Judge Jeanine Tears Into ‘Hamilton’ Cast

The cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” addressed Vice President-Elect Mike Pence at the end of the show, and it instantly ignited a firestorm of controversy. Some felt that the cast was respectful; others felt it was inappropriate and rude. Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro knew exactly where she stood, and during a recent show, slammed the cast as “disgusting”.

Pence was booed as he entered the theater by audience members, and Judge Jeanine said that these people’s actions were “outrageous” and “embarrassing”. “What happened in that theater – one block from here – was out and out reverse racism, and tee’d up hate for a man who has done nothing to deserve this inappropriate and disgusting behavior,” she declared.

According to Pirro, Pence was doing nothing wrong by taking his family to see a show with his family after a difficult election season, but liberals used him “as a political bully pulpit.” She was further incensed by the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been able to see the exact same play without any poor behavior from either the audience or the cast.

“Last night violates everything you say you stand for. That big tent, inclusive broad-minded acceptance of everyone, even people who don’t look or act like you. What happened to your old ‘love trumps hate’ line? You’re all damn hypocrites!” she said.

She also pointed out that the election was won for Trump and Pence by “forgotten Americans, most of whom can’t afford tickets to your play, and may not have even heard of it, got up and voted”.

You can watch the full segment below.

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