Trump’s Latest Administration Pick Is A Huge “F*CK YOU” To Obama And America Loves It!

Ever since Donald Trump became President Elect his campaign employees have been working hard to figure out who will be in his cabinet. Names like Ben Carson, Nikki Haley, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney have been thrown around for various positions. But now they are getting serious as two more people have been named to top positions.

Lt. General Michael Flynn has officially be named as National Security Advisor. Also, Senator Jeff Sessions has been chosen as a close advisor. Sessions is a Alabama conservative who endorsed Trump early in his campaign. Sessions official role will be Attorney General.

The Senator was also being considered for Secretary of Defense and so many debated in the Trump team which position he would be best suited for. Mike Pompeo who is a Kansas Congressman and well-known Tea Party advocate has been chosen to head the CIA.

He is 53 years old and at first endorsed Senator Marco Rubio from Florida in the election. But he played an important role in assisting Vice President Elect Mike Pence in preparing for his debate against Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

Pompeo met at Trump Tower earlier this past week with the Trump transition team to discuss the position. Among his accomplishments he is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and he was a vociferous defender of the Patriot Act and the collection of unwarranted data by the National Security Agency.

He prominently disagreed and criticized the nuclear deal with Iran that President Obama was in charge of. It came under fire for allegedly being a kidnapping ransom.

It is clear that President Elect Trump wants to hire well-known conservatives in politics to be at his side and heading the different governmental agencies. While some are very happy about that others are not. Some believe that you cannot drain the swamp with a bunch of alligators that have been there for years.

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