13 Muslim Men Just Ambushed Teen Girl – Cops Make Disturbing Find Left Behind Everyone Needs To Know

Leftists want America to burn. If it wasn’t obvious yet, then it will be in a few moments when you’re done reading about an innocent girl who was burned alive by 13 Muslim men. These 13 Muslim men met and had a six hour conversation over what to do with this girl and burning her alive in an honor killing was the best solution they could plan.

Her name is Ambreen and her crime is not a crime at all. She helped two people elope and become a couple, then helped them leave the city of Pakistan where they lived. The couple, thanks to the girl, became a happy couple who moved to a place they wished to live.

What’s the horror in that? If anything, it sounds like the good part of a love story. It’s like the Muslim Romeo and Juliet, but with a much different ending. Two people love each other and runaway like young lovebirds, but someone had to pay the price.

The person who paid the price was Ambreen. She was only 16-years-old when she acted as a matchmaker. But apparently there’s something wrong with that in the Muslim culture. This matchmaking she did was so bad that 13 Muslim men ransacked her and burned her alive in a car.

This was someones daughter and that didn’t matter. The Muslim men in other countries don’t value women. They barely see them as humans. Women are disposable sex slaves and dishwashers to the Muslim men. Look at the Muslim girls. They’re miserable and dressed in full body suits in the summer during days when it’s 95+ and the Muslim man walks around in his swim trunks with no shirt on. Nothing says oppression better than being a Muslim woman who lives their life as an object that no one cares about.

To even consider “honor killing” someone is a horrible concept. There is no honor in killing a member of your family. If that member of your family killed another member of your family, and then you killed them for that. Then I could see the point behind it. I wouldn’t even question the motive. But when people kill their own daughter and allow 13 men to burn her in a car, then there is something evil, barbaric, and mentally unstable about them.

They’re uncivilized. You could disown someone without burning them in a car. I really can’t believe people sink to this level.

Even worse – this is the type of people and behavior that liberals want to invade America. You want to live with them, then open your doors and let them in. What really tickles me silly is that liberals are all about the LGBT BBQOMG crowd and they love the gays and they love the Muslims. But they always forget that Muslims HATE gay people. They will throw a ‘mo right off the roof of a building. “Hey dude, do you like guys” and if that homosexual man even smells like a “yes” then it’s off the 20th floor they go. Painting the sidewalks with gay blood is what the Muslims will do if they find out you’re a bone smuggler.

Now what logic exists where you’re a liberal who tries to bring Muslims and gays together? These folks BBQ’d a girl in a car and you think they’re going to tolerate your gay dance parties? Oh I don’t think so. You think the Muslim men will be OK walking in a parade next to a twerking 28-year-old guy in a romper? Don’t think so. Off the roof you go!

The Sharia law needs an update. They have to make positive changes that remove honor killing and killing of anyone at all. If they want it to be a religion of peace, then they need to take out the non-peaceful aspects.

Otherwise, you get this…

A mob dragged a 16 year-old girl out of her home, put her in the back seat of a van and tied her hands to the seats so she couldn’t escape. They then set the car on fire and burned her to death. Why? Because they thought she helped a couple elope. It was an honor killing. Thirteen or more people, including the victim’s mother and brother, have been arrested.

A group of 15 members of a local tribal council, called a jirga, were the members of this mob. They were all men and they passed sentence on this poor innocent girl condemning her to be burned alive. Her name was Ambreen and I’m sure she was very confused as to why this happened to her… I can almost hear her screams and terror in the end. What kind of monsters do something like this? They should all be executed, but they won’t be. It’s an Islamic province and this is Shariah law.

Two weeks ago, Ambreen assisted a local couple in eloping and leaving Makol for the Pakistani city of Abottabad. When the members of the jirga realized the couple was missing, they called a 6-hour meeting on April 28th, during which they agreed to kill the girl as punishment for damaging the village’s reputation.

This is who the liberals want you to live with. I think it’s time we crack a few liberal skulls and knock some sense into those dense brains.

Call Based Stickman. We have a job for him.

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