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From Hands Up Don’t Shoot, To Caitlyn Jenner, 2015 May Be The Fakest Year On Record



In what looked like a staged moment on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton fielded a question from a nine year-old boy at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire concerning pay inequity between the sexes. The boy, Relic Reilly, asked why his engineer father earned more than his mother, a pre-K teacher. “I think my mother is working much harder, is working more harder than my father and she deserves to have more money, like, get more money, than my father. Because she’s taking care of children and I just don’t think it’s fair.”

Mrs. Clinton used the opportunity, one that I’m pretty sure she created herself by placing the question in the boy’s mouth, to trumpet her support for yet another “equal pay for equal work” law that would make it even more illegal to pay women less than men. Paying women less than men for no other reason other than sex has been illegal at the federal level since 1963. It was made even more illegal by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and yet again more illegal by a slew of state and local laws. Still, if Hillary Clinton is going to make her campaign into another historic “first” for women, she needs to pretend that women such as herself are oppressed—hence the fake question about a fake issue.

Coming, as this question did, on New Year’s Eve, I saw it as a fitting end to 2015, the fakest year on record. Never before has the news been dominated by so many lies, hoaxes, and counterfeits.

When 2015 began, we were already in the midst of a rape hoax at the University of Virginia, where a college student claimed to have been raped on broken glass at a frat party that never actually happened. The woman’s story kept changing and she insisted that the reporter who broke the story, Rolling Stone’s Sabrina Erdely, not contact anyone involved to verify details. Erdely actually agreed to this. When the story became absolutely indefensible, Rolling Stone retracted it and conducted an investigation to determine what had gone wrong, though the investigation itself was pretty fake in that it didn’t recommend any changes to policy and no one got fired—not even Sabrina Erdely.

That rape hoax was followed by another at Columbia University, where a female student carried a mattress around campus to protest the university’s supposed refusal to address her rape at the hands of a former lover. Actually, the university did investigate and found that her story lacked credibility. The details did not stack up and her story was almost certainly a lie, a desperate act of revenge against a man she had been infatuated with—and probably still was.

Also in January, Muslim terrorists conducted a very real attack against the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo. What followed, however, was a completely insincere outpouring of support for the principle of free speech. Leaders from across Europe and the world converged in Paris to declare that they would not be bullied into censoring speech. That was a huge lie, of course, because nearly all European governments punish speech, especially speech that offends Muslims. Before, during, and after the attacks citizens were being arrested for mere words. In July, Charlie Hebdo announced that it would no longer draw Mohammed. In the future, they would self-censor.

Two thousand fifteen was also the year of fake women—by which I mean dudes who wear skirts and demand to be treated as women. Two high profile cases in American high schools involving transgender “girls” who were demanding to use the girls’ locker room were settled when the Department of Education required all schools that receive federal funds—which is nearly every public school in the country—to allow students to use the locker room of their choice. Another fake woman, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, won Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year Award. The husband of a former winner, NYPD policewoman Moira Smith who died in the 9/11 attacks, returned the award he had accepted on behalf of his deceased wife. “I was shocked and saddened to learn that Glamour has just named Bruce Jenner ‘Woman of the Year’…” said James Smith. “Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?” Indeed.

The catchy phrase “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was found to be an utter fabrication after a lengthy investigation into the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer. Brown’s hands had not been up, he was not shot in the back, he had not been kneeling on the ground, and he was not “minding [his] own business” as Brown’s thug friend Dorian Johnson told reporters after the incident. Brown was fleeing a robbery when he attempted to murder Officer Darren Wilson with his own gun. The investigation revealed that witnesses lied in order to frame Wilson. The only element of reality in the entire Michael Brown case was all the mayhem and looting that followed.

In June a supposedly scientific study published in the peer-reviewed Science magazine was found to have been a graduate student’s concoction. The study, titled “When Contact Changes Minds” was designed to measure the degree to which entrenched opponents of same-sex marriage could be swayed by sob stories, or what they called “heartfelt, reciprocal and vulnerable conversations.” The study’s designer, PhD candidate Michael LaCour of UCLA, intended to show that mean old bigots (like me) just haven’t met many “gay” people. After a little contact with homosexuals and hearing them pour their hearts out about all the made-up grief they have to suffer through, we bigots usually relent. Or at least that’s what the study showed.

But the study was fake. The company that LaCour claimed to have hired to collect the data, Qualtrics, said that they had no record of the study. When LaCour was asked to provide his raw data he said that he had accidentally deleted the file from his computer. Another team of students at UC-Berkeley attempted to replicate LaCour’s results without success. As his story began to unravel, it became clear that Michael LaCour had fabricated the data out of whole cloth. How this study passed peer review is a mystery—unless peer review is basically a worthless ritual, as I suspect.

The news cycle was dominated for the better part of two weeks in mid-September with the tale of Ahmed Mohamed, a fourteen year old in Irving, Texas who was arrested for bringing to school what looked very much like a bomb. As it turned out, it was just a briefcase with the innards of an old Radio Shack alarm clock mounted inside. Young Mr. Mohamed claimed to have “invented” a clock, which wasn’t even true. It didn’t take long for the narrative factory to manufacture the story that Ahmed wanted—“Muslim Kid Genius Arrested by Bigoted Texans!” The story was absolute rubbish from beginning to end. Ahmed Mohamed was hoping and praying that his teachers would take the bait he was dangling before them—a briefcase with protruding wires. Prior to his arrest he was told by at least two teachers that the clock he “invented” looked like a bomb. Having succeeded in raising an alarm, he proceeded to play the victim, and is still playing the victim. Victimhood is a pretty good gig, if you can get it. Crowdfunding sites raised money for his college education. The White House, NASA, Facebook and Google all extended invitations to the supposed child prodigy. And of course—of course!—his family is suing for fifteen million dollars. Getting arrested is the best thing that ever happened to this kid.

The year ended with another disintegrating tale of anti-Muslim bigotry, also in Texas. On Christmas Day, a mosque in Houston burned down in an apparent act of arson. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) leaped on the incident as a possible bias crime. Unfortunately for CAIR, the feds arrested a devout Muslim named Gary Nathaniel Moore. He is the lead suspect. This one has self-victimization hoax written all over it.

Two thousand fifteen should be remembered as the Year of the Big Lie—the year the US Army’s once prestigious Ranger School debased the coveted Ranger tab by handing it out to women who failed to meet standards, the year in which black students posing online as angry white racists made terroristic threats to kill black people, and the year that the Supreme Court discovered a fake right to a fake marriages in the text of our Constitution.

This trend toward mendacity is truly disturbing. Are we becoming a nations of liars, or a nation of people who like being lied to? I say no. We’re merely victims of a journalistic establishment that barely even pretends to report the news anymore.

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Liberals Help Their New Muslim Neighbors Move In Next Door – Get Sick Thank You ‘Gift’ For It




When one liberal family discovered that Syrian refugees were being placed in their neighborhood they jumped into action. The family put together a generous care package of sorts to welcome their new neighbors. However, the family and other neighbors nearby quickly changed their tune horrified by how they were “repaid”.

The left has been claiming for years that the refugees that have been entering our country are just seeking acceptance. No matter how many times conservatives warn liberals the true intentions of refugees, it continues to fall on deaf ears. Liberals do not want to accept the fact that Muslims are not ones to assimilate or coexist with anyone not Muslim. Instead of liberals placing facts over emotions they continue to do whatever they can to appease these barbarians. Though no matter what these liberals do to makes these Muslim refugees happy it always takes a brutal turn.

A prime example of this would be what happened to a family in Canada. The liberal family decided that they would welcome Syrian refugees with open arms in their Hamilton, Ontario neighborhood. This family and many of their neighbors believed all the hype that the media had said about refugees. So, one year ago the neighborhood community embraced the Syrian refugees only to be left terrified.

Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy conducted an interview with a woman who was an eye-witness to the events in the Hamilton neighborhood. Andrea explained how the neighborhood naively accepted the left’s propaganda on how wonderful the Syrian refugees were. The neighborhood families all donated money to provide the new family with bicycles, furniture, and garden supplies. However, as the warm feelings of being neighborly quickly subsided after the Syrian family began to assault the local children.

Andrea explains that when she was in her home she heard a loud ruckus outside of her home. When she looked outside that was when she discovered that the Syrian children were hurling stones and bricks at the Canadian children. Andrea then went on to say that she witnessed the eldest of the Syrian children who is around 16, pick up what appeared to be a shovel and attempt to beat one of the children’s father. While that was happening the other Syrian children were throwing bricks at the Canadian neighbors too. But, that is not even the most disturbing part of this entire story.

Andrea said that while all this was happening she noticed the Syrian mother hurry outside. Thinking that the Syrian mother was attempting to intervene and bring her children inside she felt relieved. However, the Syrian mother picked up a brick herself and HURLED it at a 13-year-old boy in the scuffle. The young boy managed to escape the violent fray with only a minor injury but this should have never happened.

Faith Goldy interviewed the young boy who was injured and he confirmed that the mother threw the brick. So, when the neighbors called the police about the horrific assault they were stunned by their response. Even though there were multiple witnesses to this brutal beat down the police failed to arrest anyone in the Syrian family.

The father of the boy who was injured, who does not want to be named, says that this is not the only time there has been violence. The father and other people in the neighborhood have said that the Syrian children have chased the Candadian children down the alleyway with bricks and hammers. Andrea confirms in the interview that the Syrian children are incredibly violent. She says that they often tear furniture apart and then beat each other with the broken pieces.

The father of the victim is so upset by law enforcement’s response that he has decided to build a wall around his own home. The victim’s father raised his fence and also constructed concrete barricades around his home to protect his children. And, I cannot say that I do not blame him one bit.

Goldy wanted to speak to the Syrian family about the violent incident and was shocked by their response. The Syrian family admitted that their children did throw the bricks and stones, but the mother denied being a part of it. However, when Goldy asked what they thought about their current living situation they chose to complain. In fact, the Syrian father and mother said that they preferred Lebanon and Syria to Canada. Why they do not go back to their perfect home should not come as any surprise. You see, these people are leeches and will live off the taxpayer’s money with no problem. If the Canadian government were to cut off their welfare checks these people will scurry back where they came from.

In my humble opinion, I truly believe that the liberal plan is to bankrupt modernized countries. They have flooded the borders with refugees and then they all go onto welfare that is, of course, provided by the people. Eventually, they will run out of other people’s money which they can then usher in a single payer system and the masses. The end game is control and unless we get these communists out of office they will continue to bankrupt us all.

H/T [ The Rebel Media ]

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Woman With Damning Pictures Hillary Didn’t Want Out Was Found Dead By Insane Incident




Another day and another dead body with a connection that cannot be ignored as Hillary Clinton’s body count seems to be on the rise once again, after a brief reprieve of no sudden, mysterious casualties. The latest is possibly the most shocking yet in the truly startling trail of dead bodies that keep accumulating around this crooked woman with major secrets she’s desperate to keep hidden no matter who has she has to kill off to ensure it. The latest victim was added to the list of Clinton casualties after it was discovered what photos she had that exposed the scandalous couple but unfortunately for the Clintons, copies of those pictures still exist, even after the victim in them has perished.

In what was originally reported as a freak and unfortunate house fire is far more mysterious than is being said, based on who is now dead in their own home. Before the deceased was a victim of a residential fire, she was allegedly a victim of something else and has photos to prove it, which are now coming back to haunt the  Clintons after another dead body tied to them now has proof of one of Bill’s biggest secrets. This latest alarming incident sure seems like a convenient excuse to cover up a connection to the couple whose names always seems to come up in random tragic events like this.

The Daily Mail reports:

As more and more women line up to tell their stories about sex with Bill Clinton – both consensual and forced – there is one who is unable to relive the details of her alleged affair.

Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs died in a mysterious house fire in 1986 amid rumors that she had pictures that proved she and the then-Governor of Arkansas had been regular sex partners.

And even now, 30 years after she died alongside her much-older other lover, doubts remain about how and why Gibbs and her long-time beau Bill Puterbaugh met their grizzly deaths.

But now has pieced together the life and death of Judi Gibbs, telling for the first time how the auburn-haired woman from a pin-prick of an Arkansas town managed to bed the man who went on to be one of the most powerful men in the world.

And the question remains unanswered: Was Judi Gibbs killed because Bill Clinton and his advisers feared the affair was about to become public?

“I have always been convinced that Bill Clinton was responsible for the fire, but I have no proof,” Gibbs’ older sister Martha, who still lives in Sims, Arkansas, told “And what would happen if I had proof – you can’t touch those people.”

At the time of her death, Gibbs was 32 and living with 57-year-old developer Puterbaugh in a large isolated home a quarter-mile drive opposite a tiny airport outside Fordyce, Arkansas. 

Their bodies were both found in the huge master bedroom. They died of smoke inhalation.

Puterbaugh’s son, Randy, who followed him into the real estate business, tells a similar story to Martha Gibbs, even though the two have not spoken since the days following the double death.

“There are so many pieces of the puzzle.” Puterbaugh said. “‘I believe it is a possibility that Bill Clinton was involved in their deaths. I know I wish I had hired my own private investigator but I didn’t, so I guess I will never know.”

Judi Gibbs

When so many people around and connected the Clintons in a number of ways that could be bad for them have been found dead, it can’t be coincidental. It’s time to start taking a closer look at all of these cases, both current and digging up those from the past, where there are probably far more mysterious deaths than what’s come up recently. MailOnline pointed this fact out with alarming facts that Democrats insists on ignoring to save the Clintons from indictment they deserve.

Many people around the Clintons have died in unusual circumstances over the years, leading conspiracy theorists to claim they could be connected. 

As reported earlier this year, five deaths in a six-week span between June 22 and August 2 this year had connections to the former first family.

‘I’m not saying the Clintons kill people. I’m saying a lot of people around the Clintons turn up dead,’ Larry Nichols, who worked with the former First Family before turning against them, told

And the names of Judi Gibbs and her lover Bill Puterbaugh could be added to that list.

Of all of the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by politicians and people in Hollywood, the biggest predator Bill Clinton who will never face the consequences of his actions. More importantly, Hillary Clinton never seems to be able to escape scandal and as long as she’s a free woman, rather than being locked up where she belongs, she will be continued to be questioned in everything that she has any kind of connection to.

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BREAKING!! Obama in Full PANIC After They Found EVERYTHING He Tried To Hide!




What is happening in our country right now feels like it would be a perfect script to for a blockbuster thriller movie for this summer. The main actors would discover a massive government coverup, expose it, and then we would follow them through numerous plot twists across the country before there was the obligatory happy ending of the actors falling in love leaving it all behind to live in seclusion.

However, this isn’t a Hollywood script this is real, and with each passing day, we learn more about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s traitorous dealings while in the White House, and it appears we are not even close to being done.

As the mainstream media continues to claim that Russian agents helped steal the election away from Hillary Clinton into the American people’s head more evidence emerges that this entire narrative is one giant cover-up of the actual crime concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails.

A new report from former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy reveals just the extreme lengths that Barack Obama and his corrupt administration went through to ensure that Hillary was not indicted over her the email scandal so she could protect Obama’s legacy. McCarthy pens in his recent article for National Review every step the previous corrupt administration went through, and they might have got away with the perfect crime, but November 8. 2016 did not go as they had planned.

McCarthy lays out how it was in fact not the FBI or the Department of Justice’s decision to pass on indicting Clinton, but in fact, it was Obama’s call since he used a pseudonymous email account to communicate with Clinton on her non-secure email.

What this boils down to is that Obama knew that he exchanged classified emails with Hillary and never disclosed it which places Obama in an awkward position, and we are not referring to being in a backseat of a Volkswagon. If Hillary Clinton were indicted for criminally handling emails then so would Obama, and of course, he could not have that on his record which put into motion the most significant cover-up we have ever seen.

It all started back in March 2015, when the New York Times broke the story about Hillary Clinton and her private server. John Podesta who as you know was an advisor to Hillary and also served as her campaign manager saw the scandal hit the mainstream press, and quickly emailed a Clinton buddy and Cheryl Mills, a top State Department aide to tell them that the email exchanges between Obama and Hillary should not be disclosed.

Podesta wrote in his email that the exchanges between Obama and Clinton should be “held” back from the public because of executive privilege. Soon after those emails were sent out, Obama appeared on national television with his first lie of the scandal saying that he learned about it “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

Obama’s lie to the public set off a domino effect behind the scenes where Clinton aides sprung into action to help keep this scandal under wraps. McCarthy explains that it was at this point that Obama stepped in to help with the deceiving the American people by sealing all communications he had with Clinton through email.

“Obama had his email communications with Clinton sealed. He did this by invoking a dubious presidential-records privilege. The White House insisted that the matter had nothing to do with the contents of the emails, of course; rather, it was intended to vindicate the principle of confidentiality in presidential communications with close advisers. With the media content to play along, this had a twofold benefit: Obama was able (1) to sidestep disclosure without acknowledging that the emails contained classified information, and (2) to avoid using the term “executive privilege” — with all its dark Watergate connotations — even though that was precisely what he was invoking.

Note that claims of executive privilege must yield to demands for disclosure of relevant evidence in criminal prosecutions. But of course, that’s not a problem if there will be no prosecution.”

That following year, Obama again appeared on national television to explain why Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted for her email “matter” since she did not intend to harm national security.

Then just a few short weeks later, Comey began drafting Clinton exoneration letters before he even interviewed key witnesses, and then began to refer to the investigation as a “matter” so it could match Hillary Clinton’s campaign language since how could they prosecute anyone if there was no investigation.

Soon after, Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona, for a private meeting which McCarthy touches on.

“On July 1, amid intense public criticism of her meeting with Bill Clinton, Attorney General Lynch piously announced that she would accept whatever recommendation the FBI director and career prosecutors made about charging Clinton.

We get to the infamous FBI agent, Peter Strzok and his text messages to his mistress Lisa Page. In a message that Page sent to Strzok said, “This is a purposeful leak following the airplane snafu,” since Lynch already “knows no charges will be brought.”

The very next day on July 2, Hillary Clinton sits down with Strzok in an FBI interview which is documented below.

Everything in this very intricate dance of corruption was perfectly planned right up to Comey’s press conference on July 5, 2016, where he announced he would not pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton because she did not intend to break the law.

How does Comey know her state of mind? At any rate, McCarthy then goes on to mention that the missing text messages from Strzok and Page are right around this time where these two traitorous love birds address the revisions Comey made to protect Clinton and Obama’s email exchanges.

The draft, dated June 30, stated:

“We also assess that Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent. She also used her personal email extensively while outside the United States, including from the territory of sophisticated adversaries. That use included an email exchange with the President while Secretary Clinton was on the territory of such an adversary. [Emphasis added.] Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account.”

McCarthy also adds:

“On the same day, according to a Strzok–Page text, a revised draft of Comey’s remarks was circulated by his chief of staff, Jim Rybicki. It replaced “the President” with “another senior government official.”

This effort to obscure Obama’s involvement had an obvious flaw: It would practically have begged congressional investigators and enterprising journalists to press for the identification of the “senior government official” with whom Clinton had exchanged emails. That was not going to work.”

When Comey made his announcement about Hillary Clinton all references to Obama had been scrubbed, and they were all protected.

It was a perfect crime and they may have gotten away with it, but then President Trump was elected, and all their careful planning was destroyed. Maybe this is where the Russian collusion narrative originated as a distraction from the possible crimes of leftists.

Is this why the Deep State is acting so erratically?

H/T [The Daily Wire]

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