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48Hrs After Furious Jag Fan Flew Scathing Message Over Players’ Protest, Look What Happened To Him



The majority of Americans are beyond fed-up with the weekly NFL protests that have continued on even after the President of the United States and the league commissioner called for players to start standing. The constant kneeling has hijacked the sport and destroyed the season as former fans made their displeasure known by the unprecedented amount of empty seats in stadiums across the country. Since these millionaire athletes still don’t seem to get the message, a former Jaguars fan made sure they got one they couldn’t ignore with what he flew over EverBank Field on Sunday while players on both sides of the field kneeled. Terry Smiley, a Jacksonville native

Terry Smiley, a Jacksonville native and former supporter of the Jaguars didn’t just boycott this season once his team began participating in the protest, he flew it over their heads to humiliate them and encourage others to boycott as well. What he was not expecting was what would happen just 48 hours after the bold decision that’s never been done before but was his right as a citizen of this free country.

Action News Jax reported that Smiley hired a pilot to pull a banner that encouraged fellow Jacksonvillians to boycott the team with his banner that read: “Be American. Boycott the Jags & The NFL.” This in-your-face approach didn’t sit too well with pouty kneeling players who think that they are only entitled to an opinion and publicly expressing it.

“This all-American sport is dividing fans after some NFL players took a knee during the national anthem,” Action News Jax reports. “I am asking people to boycott the football games. I don’t watch it on TV,” Smiley told the paper. Jaguars fan Jay Crossman chimed in on that sentiment saying, “People’s feelings about politics and football seem to bleed together on the turf. People need to realize the true message that they’re trying to send.”

Without a doubt, Smiley is the most dedicated fan to the anti-NFL cause and doesn’t care who he offends, just like the players who are on their knee for every anthem at every game. Smiley not only sent a message to these players and protest supporters he spoke for all of us by beating these players at their own protesting game. Now, after his massive message, Smiley is saying that he’s appalled at what happened and has now made a shocking new announcement about what he plans to do next.

“On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Smiley said he was so ‘appalled’ when some Jaguars players knelt for the national anthem at their game in London but stood for ‘God Save the Queen’ that he ‘had to do something about it,'” Fox News Insider reports. “It is expensive and it’s worth every nickel of it,” he said. “I would like to see the players start playing football. They can take this elsewhere,” he added. “They have the right to protest. I have the right to protest.”

It’s refreshing to have someone is bold and brave enough as Smiley to take his message into the sky at the risk of facing a verbal backlash from “disrespected” NFL players who aren’t afraid to run their mouths.

Smiley’s massive aerial message was more than well received by Americans who appreciated the lengths he went to get the word out, which came at no small cost. He didn’t just passively avoid the NFL by not going to games or changing simply changing the channel on Sunday, he put his money where his patriotism is and gave everyone taking a knee what they deserve – public humiliation.

Part of the problem with these players is that they don’t care if you don’t like their message, they are still going to get paid millions of dollars to do what they want and demand respect for it. The greatest revenge for them is to not only lose high-paying sponsors, viewership, and jersey sales, it’s to prove that they aren’t as special as they think they are. By ruining their protests with this banner, Smiley won on multiple levels and he’s not stopping there.

According to Fox Insider, “the former NFL fan will also fly the banner over the stadium during the Jaguars’ November 12 game, he said.” This is a significant weekend since it’s Veteran’s Day weekend and you can pretty much bet that the athletes are going to want to steal the attention away from the meaning of that day by protesting the National Anthem and our flag veterans fought for their right to kneel in disrespect.

Many of the entitled millionaire players who have been participating in this boycott consider it to be their right to protest, and until the teams say that they can’t, it is. It’s also the right of every betrayed fan to make them regret it in any legal way possible. This is an American who’s ready to put his money where his mouth is, and obviously, he’s making waves.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored.

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What This NBC Announcer Said About Trump On LIVE TV Will Make You NEVER Watch Another NFL Game

This is sick!



Now the NFL and its cronies are blaming President Donald Trump for their own stupidity and ignorance.

NBC broadcaster Al Michaels was asked about his thoughts on the NFL rating decline in an interview with this week. Michaels listed multiple factors, but of course, wasted no time circled back to President Donald Trump’s September comments at a rally in Alabama where he called for protesting players to be “fired.”

He alluded to the false notion that President Trump’s comments reignited the spotlight on player protests. But the fact was that Trump didn’t reignite the controversy, the controversy was never extinguished, he only called out what players were already doing. Especially the failed ex-Forty Niner’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick who, because he saw his career was ending he decided to take a knee against our flag and all she stands for.

The NY Times Reports:

Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good

Whether or not Colin Kaepernick plays another down in the N.F.L., I’m going to say that he can achieve more off a football field than he — or anyone else in the sport — can achieve on one.

Football, in the larger scheme of things, is not that important. Kaepernick, meanwhile, has a message about crucial aspects of our frayed but hopefully repairable nation that will continue to grow. If he has the devotion to work for change, he could outclass Tom Brady, or any player you might name, as someone who did something that truly matters for future generations.

But I thought it might be useful to at least consider something. The conventional wisdom is that Kaepernick, who opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers after last season and has yet to be signed by another team, does not have an N.F.L. job on account of his politics. In protest against racism and police brutality, he won’t stand for the national anthem, and he’s increasingly outspoken on social issues. Earlier this summer in a tweet he likened the police to members of the fugitive slave patrol. N.F.L. owners, the thinking goes, must be racists who don’t like his politics — or cynical pragmatists who don’t like that their racist fans don’t like his politics.

What seems to me more problematic than Kaepernick’s not having a job is the general unwillingness to consider that this situation might be justified on the merits, given Kaepernick’s current attributes, or lack thereof, as a quarterback, rather than assuming, as part of a kneejerk gospel of victimhood, that persecution must be the cause.

It’s not hard to make a statistical case for why Kaepernick is not playing now. He threw for a mere 187 yards a game last season, which was good enough for 30th (in a league of 32 teams). For his career, he has completed fewer than 60 percent of his passes. Last season, 24 passers completed more than 60 percent. Kaepernick, at 59.2 percent, was ranked 26th. If you’re below 60 percent, you’re a fringe guy.

More damning, Kaepernick was not asked to make difficult throws; he’s not a Matt Ryan-type quarterback, slinging the ball far down the field on deep crosses or challenging out routes. In the current iteration of the N.F.L., offense rules the day, with quarterbacks tasked to put up crooked numbers on the scoreboard. Kaepernick’s job was to be a game manager, making the easiest, high-percentage throws. And he still struggled. What are you supposed to do with a guy like this? What can he do for you? Can he help you win?

If Kaepernick deserves a spot in the league, it’s only as a backup quarterback. And he will eventually get a job as one, I bet, once quarterbacks start getting hurt. But the fact that he doesn’t have a job right now isn’t shocking, and it doesn’t have to be because N.F.L. owners are racists who are blackballing him.

The older I get, the less I care about football, but I do care about merit, and things being seen for what they are. “Life is,” as Dostoyevsky wrote, and it is our job to figure out what the “is” is. I believe that’s one of the core responsibilities of being human.

We don’t do this enough anymore. We don’t ask the tough questions. We seek to align ourselves with what I think of as the “control voice” — whatever piped-in monotone is dictating a given narrative at the moment. It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you’re patting yourself on the back for your inability to never fail to take the moral high ground, which everyone who agrees with you reinforces and enables, one Facebook “like” at a time. But there is nothing real about that.

It doesn’t matter that Kaepernick doesn’t have a job; it matters that so few people even wonder if there might be a non-disgraceful explanation. We have become the anti-meritocracy. We resent those who outperform us, outwork us, outproduce us. And the person who has been perceived to have been slighted? He is whom we now adore.

The only reason Colin Kaepernick ever started kneeling was because he was for all intents and purposes, on his way out of the NFL. He knew this so his Muslim girlfriend, who has deep ties to Islamic extremism, convinced him to pull a stunt like he did. He never had an issue with any so-called “cop brutality” or hating our flag while he was actually still an active player for the Niners.

But today since it seems like no team wants the drama Kaepernick started after he was benched when he was playing poorly for the San Francisco Forty-Niners he has changed his tune. It has gotten to the point that he is actually begging teams to hire him. He is even saying that he will never kneel for the National Anthem again if someone hires him. Gee thanks, what a guy. Way to stand up for your so-called convictions dude.

Please share if you agree that players who kneel should be fired on the spot….

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After Trump Saved UCLA Player, Ungrateful Father Just BRUTALLY Stabbed Trump In The Back



No matter what he does and how much he wins President Trump just can’t seem to make the left happy. Even when he gets 3 spoiled entitled ball players out of hot water in China.

President Trump was able to save and get 3 UCLA basketball players safely home. LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, who have now been suspended indefinitely by the Bruins basketball team. All three players apologized at a news conference Wednesday morning about the incident in China that had them stay behind on a team trip after they were accused of shoplifting at 3 different local area stores.

But of course, since their Messiah, Former President Barack Hussein Obama had no hand in freeing these 3 characters, the American left and even one of the player’s father just can’t seem to give Trump the credit he so rightly deserves. In fact, LaVar Ball, LiAngelo’s father is not giving President Trump any of the credit. When asked about his son’s return and the whole ordeal he actually had the galls to say “Who?” when asked about Trump’s involvement in the matter. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.

Ummm. grammar is key!

The Mercury News Reports:

Trump scolds LiAngelo Ball: ‘Are you going to thank me?’

The three UCLA players who were detained in China for shoplifting returned to the U.S. on Tuesday night, following intervention from, among others, President Donald Trump.

As immensely relieved as LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley must be to have been allowed to leave so quickly (not to mention to have avoided prison sentences), they came back to calls for strong punishments from the school – and a chiding from the president.

“Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

Among those insisting that the trio be suspended for the entire season was Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke, who wrote Tuesday, “If the three students had any sort of involvement in something so appallingly entitled and dumb while on a school trip to a foreign country, UCLA’s next move should be clear. School authorities should say welcome home, and see you next season.”

The three Bruins were reportedly accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store adjacent to the team’s hotel where it was staying in Hangzhou, as part of a weeklong trip that involved playing a game in Shanghai against Georgia Tech. Ball, Hill and Riley were released on bail in time for the game, but they were benched by coach Steve Alford. Now that they are back in Los Angeles, it remains to be seen when they will be allowed to play.

During halftime of a nationally televised game Tuesday between No. 1 Duke and No. 2 Michigan State, ESPN’s Jay Williams disagreed with fellow analyst Seth Greenberg’s vehement assertion that the three players should sit out the season.

Williams said they should be suspended for “a couple of games,” adding, “We’re talking about kids.”

Greenberg exclaimed, “I don’t care about ‘kids’! You’re taking your team to another country, a different culture, they steal things in three different stores, allegedly. To me, that’s egregious.”

“They should not be able to play this year. This is an embarrassment,” Greenberg went on.

The arrest of the players coincided with a trip to Asia by Trump, who added an unexpected item to his agenda when he asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help resolve their case.

“The basketball players, by the way – I know a lot of people are asking – I will tell you, when I heard about it two days ago, I had a great conversation with President Xi,” Trump said Tuesday while aboard Air Force One in Manila. “What they did was unfortunate. You know, you’re talking about very long prison sentences. [The Chinese] do not play games.”

In his Wednesday tweet, Trump exaggerated the punishment the players were facing. According to a blog that specializes in decoding the Chinese criminal justice system, the players could have received prison sentences of anywhere between one and four years under the worst-case scenario, punishment that likely would have been mitigated by the players’ ages and the fact that they appeared to be cooperating with authorities.

It’s not clear what terms were negotiated to bring the players back, but it’s apparent that they received relatively minimal punishments from China. Now it’s up to UCLA, possibly with some input from the Pac-12 Conference, to determine how the three freshmen should atone for what is a very embarrassing incident for the school.

“I want to be clear that we take seriously any violations of the law,” UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said in a statement. “In this particular case, both Athletics and the Office of Student Conduct will review this incident and guide any action with respect to the involved students. Such proceedings are confidential, which limits the specific information that can be shared.”

The 23rd-ranked Bruins have their home opener Wednesday, and before the game, Ball, Hill and Riley, as well as Alford and athletic director Dan Guerrero, are set to offer comments on the episode but reportedly will not take questions. Tuesday evening saw the players making their way through a media scrum after landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

Hanson Wang, a columnist for UCLA’s student newspaper, The Daily Bruin, called Sunday for his school to “lay down the hammer” in disciplining the trio. Citing his grandfather’s firsthand, frustrating experience with the Chinese legal system, Wang wrote that UCLA “should suspend the three players for the entire year and possibly more.”

“These players were responsible for representing UCLA and the country during their time abroad, and they failed to meet even the most basic standards of law-abiding citizens,” Wang wrote. “UCLA must hold them accountable and send the message that no player – or players – can be let off the hook for violating foreign laws and making a fool out of the school, the Pac-12 and the U.S.”

However, some have pointed out that UCLA officials might be concerned with how well lengthy suspensions may sit with LaVar Ball, LiAngelo’s father, who was with the Bruins in China when the arrests occurred and said of them, “It ain’t that big of a deal.” LaVar Ball’s oldest son, Lonzo, starred for the Bruins last season before being drafted No. 2 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers, and his highly touted youngest son, 16-year-old LaMelo, has already been ticketed to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and play for UCLA.

“UCLA officials now have the delicate task of determining a suitable punishment,” wrote USA Today’s Nancy Armour on Tuesday. “And by suitable, I mean one that won’t incur the wrath of Ball’s father, LaVar. Or prompt him to yank another son out of school.”

In waiting to announce its disciplinary measures for Ball, Hill and Riley, UCLA might be trying to gauge how light a punishment it can get away with meting out. However, anything less than a full season’s suspension won’t go over well with at least a few media figures.

This is everything that’s wrong with our great nation. People like this ball tosser’s father are given a platform to ooze their biased hate to the public. Why not instead ask him what he did wrong that his son was shoplifting, to begin with?

Someone who speaks like this guy shouldn’t even be asked questions by the media. Who cares what he says or thinks. We as a nation better start to wise up and put these people in their places. What exactly entitles this man to give his opinion on this international incident considering he wasn’t even able to raise his son to know the difference between right and wrong?

Please share if you agree President Trump deserves credit for this release….

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Stunning Photos Show Disgusting Things NCAA Champion Basketball Teams Just Did To Trump

This will piss you off!



This past week at the White House, President Trump and his staffers and associates hosted the winners of the NCAA championship. He took the opportunity to meet with members of the team from Pennsylvania State and threw a red, white, and blue volleyball up in the air. Also in attendance was the Ohio State University men’s team.

President Trump took a special moment to take a picture with Maryland lacrosse player Dylan Maltz whose originally from Ashburn, Virginia. In the picture, Maltz is seen where a tie celebrating President Trump’s 2016 presidential win. However, despite all the festivities, there were some notable absences. The men’s basketball team from the University of North Carolina and the women’s basketball team from South Carolina were not in attendance.

The Daily Mail reported the following,

“Trump jovially met with other NCAA teams on the South Lawn and various rooms of the White House in their absence on Friday. With the Utah skiing team, he contorted his pointer fingers and thumbs into a ‘U’ shape for their photo together.  He and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos prayed with the Oklahoma Women’s Softball Team in the White House’s East Room.

A lot of great athletes,’ he told the Maryland Women’s lacrosse team, jesting that the men and women of the school – both of whom were at the top of their respective divisions – should play each other. In the Red Room of the White House, the president plugged the Second Amendment as he met the West Virginia Rifle team.

‘Second Amendment, right? Save the Second Amendment!’ the president said.  He also commented that West Virginia has a ‘great governor’ and is ‘doing well.’ The state’s Democratic governor, Jim Justice, announced a party switch to Republican at a Trump rally in the state this past August.”

Because North Carolina and South Carolina were not present it meant that neither of the NCAA basketball champions were present as they had actually won. The Tarheels had released a statement indicating they were fine with going but could not agree on a date with the White House. The statement revealed the following by spokesman Steve Kirschner,

“We tried about eight or nine dates and between they couldn’t work out that date, we couldn’t work out that date, so – we would have liked to have gone, but not going.”

However, their coach Roy Williams had indicated that when the team won the championship in 2005 that the administration under George W. Bush did not invite them for a solo event. But instead an event similar to the one hosted by President Trump that was in the style of a cattle call.

Yet in 2009 the team did attend the White House when President Obama was in office. It seems the problem is not a date or an invitation but the person who is president. Because they have no problem attending when a Democrat is in office but they do when there is a Republican in office. Williams had publicly disparaged President Trump saying,

“You know, our president tweets out more bulls*** than anybody I’ve ever seen,.”

Indicating that it is, in fact, the President and not the date the team and coach have a problem with. The women’s team from South Carolina took a somewhat similar but unique stance when they refused to come because it took the White House six months to extend an invitation.

Gamecocks Coach Dawn Staley told the Associated Press the following in September,

“We haven’t gotten an invitation yet and that in itself speaks volumes. It’s what it stands for. It’s what national champions do. We did hear from the White House about attending tomorrow’s event, but we will not be able to attend. As I’ve been saying since our practices for this season started, all of our focus is on the season ahead. The only invitation we are thinking about is to the 2018 NCAA Tournament.”

Sports are meant to be a time of happiness and continuity. A time for people to come together and forget all that divides us and enjoy themselves. Yet sports have been disrupted over the last year from their intended and original purpose and it is extremely upsetting. No longer can you turn on the television to watch a simple football game without it turning political, the very thing you are trying to escape when watching a game.

It’s high time to leave politics to the real politicians and sports to the players. When we seem them intermingle it is never a good result. Especially more recently and when it comes to football.

Even though it is not their job it is abundantly clear that it is not the White House, Congress, or the Senate playing politics but these amateur sporting professionals.

Share if you agree they are trying to make a political statement about their invitation.

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