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Second Amendment

6 Time Felon Killed In Shootout By 13 Year Old During Home Invasion

The case against gun control, exhibit #5807



Law abiding citizens using guns in self defense is no myth, contrary to liberal belief.

Many in the gun rights community believe that a privately owned gun is used in legitimate self-defense over 2 million times a year in America. This figure arose initially from the survey work done in 1993 by Florida State University criminologists Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz.

That study, known as the National Self-Defense Survey (NSDS), involved conducting nearly 5,000 interviews by phone in 48 states, anonymously, with phone numbers randomly generated. The respondents were asked if over the past five years they had used a gun—even if not fired—for self-protection or protection of property at work, home, or elsewhere. They were asked to exclude any use in miitary, police, or security work, if applicable, and asked whether the gun use was against an animal or a person.

Even if the margin of error on that study was 50%, that still means a million self defensive uses of firearms a year – far eclipsing the number of crimes committed with them. And here’s jsut one of those stories, courtesy of US Army 4 Life:

A 13-year-old South Carolina boy fatally shot one burglary suspect and scared off a second with his mother’s gun, police said.

The unidentified teenager told the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office that he was alone on Tuesday afternoon in his family’s home, north of North Charleston, when someone tried to break in, according to NBC affiliate WCBD.

The boy grabbed his mother’s gun, and then waited at the back door of the home, the station reported. Police say the boy fired repeatedly through the door, and someone outside shot back.


The suspect was hit three times, and a getaway driver rushed him to a hospital in Charleston, where he died of his gunshot wounds, according to an affidavit. A gray Chevy Sonic used in the incident was found with bullet holes, and a gun was retrieved from the home’s backyard, the affidavit said.

Serves them right!

Guns make it so easy for law abiding citizens to protect themselves, that even a 13 year old can do it!



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BOMBSHELL! Comey Just DID IT! Trump Is Absolutely SPEECHLESS!

Obama Got Caught Red-Handed!!!



Former FBI Director James Comey just gave all of us law-abiding American gun owners an awesome Christmas gift.

We all know how former President Barack Hussein Obama and his loyal “sheep” such as Senator Diane Feinstein, who is a CC permit holder herself, keep regurgitating the myth that getting your hands on a gun in this country is so damn easy. While all of us legal gun owners know this is absolutely not true. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, we have to jump through burning hoops and walls bigger than the future US/Mexico border wall if we want to add another firearm to our arsenals.

They tell us terrorists, criminals and people with severe mental issues can just stroll into your friendly neighborhood gun store and buy any high capacity firearm and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

But in an odd turn of events, the now embattled Democrat-friendly FBI Director, James Comey, just told the world that Barack Hussein Obama and his drones are full it when they start up with the anti-gun narrative pushed by globalists like George Soros who is funding the disarmament of United States citizens in order to make his objective of a one world government a reality.

Comey was asked point blank to give his facts about the gun issue and what he had to say has shown the world us right-wingers were correct about Obama all along. If anyone ever again says that America has no control over gun sales, just show them this.

Via Cain TV:

Comey: Denying gun sales to those on watch lists could blow FBI terror investigations

And by the way, Obama’s lying. The FBI is alerted every time someone on the watch list tries to buy a gun, and can often stop the purchase.

Democrats and the media would have you believe that when someone on the FBI’s terror watch list tries to buy a gun, law enforcement officials are helpless and impotent. The suspected terrorist just walks out of the gun shop with his “assault rifle” and no one knows or can lift a finger in response to it.

In testimony before the Senate on Wednesday, FBI director James Comey explains that this is far from the truth:

“Last week, our president stated that there are individuals who can’t get on planes, but they can go to a gun shop and buy a firearm there and he said ‘nothing we can do to stop them,’ but – and correct me if I’m wrong – the FBI is notified when someone on the terrorist watch list attempts to purchase a firearm, and a NICS [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] check is requested, and the FBI has multiple avenues that they can pursue,” Grassley said at the committee’s hearing on the oversight of the FBI.

“These are some of these avenues: delay the firearms transaction, and if the person is actually a terrorist, the FBI can arrest them for any crime for which there is probable cause, and in addition, the FBI can intervene and directly confront the individual. The FBI can also put the suspect on what’s called around-the-clock surveillance. My question: Aren’t these some of the tools available to the FBI to stop a suspected terrorist from buying a gun?” Grassley asked.

“Mr. Chairman, you’re right,” said Comey. “There are a variety of things that we do when we are notified that someone on our known or suspected terrorist database is attempting to buy a firearm.

“The FBI is alerted when that is triggered, and then we do investigation, understand, are there disqualifiers that we’re aware of that could stop the transactions, and if the transaction goes through, the agents who are assigned to that case, to that subject are alerted to it so they can investigate,” Comey added.

“Thank you very much for that clarification,” said Grassley. “So there are then actually many things that can be done, done right now to stop one, someone on the no-fly list from buying a gun, and that leads me to say that our president is misrepresenting the facts and misleading the American people on that point.”

Comey also expressed another concern about the idea – being pushed very hard by Hillary Clinton – that anyone on the watch list should be automatically denied their Second Amendment rights. In some cases, Comey said, the FBI would prefer that the subject not be aware he or she is under investigation, and denying the gun purchase on the spot would have the potential to blow said investigation.

Obviously that’s a judgment call that would have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but it’s a perfect example of why you don’t let politicians make such all-encompassing rules for law enforcement based on the emotion of the moment, especially in the aftermath of a horrible crime that sees people clamoring for the government to do something, even though many of those clamoring don’t really have a solid understanding of what should be done, or of what’s already being done.

And Grassley is right that Obama is just flat-out lying to the American public about this. As Comey explains, the FBI can take a variety of actions when it’s alerted about an attempted gun purchase, and in many cases the purchase can be stopped. But that involves both due process and the need for judgment to be exercised about whether such an action is wise given the parameters of a larger investigation that might need to be protected.

Would Obama and Hillary really want to jeopardize terror investigations in order to advance their gun control agenda? Actually I don’t really think that’s such a hard question, do you?

To sum this up for you, there already is a law in the books that is meant to stop suspected terrorists from being able to purchase a firearm, so this would mean there is no need for more gun control for law-abiding firearm owners. This proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the real aim the Democratic Party and their Globalist friends have when it comes to firearms, is a total and complete ban and confiscation, but I am sure they and their security teams will have exemptions.

Please share if you just want Obama to go away already!

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BREAKING News About Deadly Shooting In Packed Costco Today – This Was Shouted First!

This Is Why We Can’t Let Them Take Our Guns!



For years, we have heard the gun grabbers on the left spouting off lies to disarm the American people. It seems that every time there is a news report of gun violence the left is ready to pass new legislation that would make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase guns to protect themselves and families.

These gun grabbers are quick to mention all the times that criminals had used guns to harm others but hardly recount the stories of when a good guy with a gun stopped a potential tragedy. And, that point is proven yet again when a deranged gunman walked into a Kansas state Costco today screaming that he was ready to kill innocent people. However, all that was averted thanks to an armed citizen in the store who was able to stop the lunatic, and it was all caught on video.

When any of us go to the grocery store the last thing on any of our minds is that we could be walking into danger. However, that is what happened on Monday when families in Lenexa, Kansas were faced with the unthinkable.

As people were milling about the superstore, the crazed gunman Roland Hunt, walked into Costco armed with a gun and begin screaming “I’m going to kill people.” Fortunately for all the shoppers there that day Captain Michael Howell an off-duty police captain was in the store at the same time, and he made sure no one harmed except the gunman.

Captain Michael Howell

As Hunt walked further into the store, Howell stalked him, being sure to protect the women and children from the potential harm the gunman could bring. Then, when Hunt caught sight of Howell he turned and pointed his gun at the officer, but before he could get a shot off, Howell already shot him dead.

Here’s the first 9-11 call from a customer at Costco:

Watch the more extended version of the video here:

Here is more from Police One:

 As the chaotic scene unfolded and the gunman methodically walked through the aisles of the Lenexa Costco on Nov. 26, off-duty police Capt. Michael Howell knew his best tactic would be the element of surprise.

When the gunman, later identified as Ronald O. Hunt, announced, “I’m an off-duty U.S. Marshal, I’m here to kill people,” Howell realized that he had only one option.

“I knew that there was a threat that had to be stopped,” Howell said Friday as he recalled the incident.

The 22-year veteran of the Kansas City, Kan., police department weaved through the aisles and confronted Hunt. A video of the encounter was released Thursday.

“’Police, drop the gun. Don’t move,’” Howell said.

When the off-duty captain said police a second time, Hunt turned and pointed his pistol at Howell.

“That is when I fired at him,” Howell said. “And he went down.”

Looking back on that Sunday morning, Howell said, it seemed as though time stood still as he waited for uniformed officers to arrive.

In announcing that the retired U.S. Army veteran would not face criminal charges, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said Howell “acted with extreme courage, and saved an unknown amount of innocent lives.”

Howell said he views what did as something less heroic: “I’m just a cop doing my job.”

Hunt was not a U.S. Marshal. Missouri court records show that he pleaded guilty in 2015 to a traffic violation for carrying too much weight on a truck, and the address given for Hunt was the Swift Transportation terminal in Edwardsville.

Howell had gone to the store with a friend to purchase an electric fireplace for his new house when a crowd of customers flooded past them.

Hunt, armed with a black revolver with a 12-inch barrel, pushed a grocery cart as he slowly followed the customers and employees as they fled out of the emergency exit on the west end of the building.

“My greatest fear was we had kids with their moms, with their grandmas, with their dads,” Howell said. “It was little kids running and screaming. And seeing the fear in their faces and knowing whatever it took, I had to do whatever necessary to end this threat so they wouldn’t get hurt.”

Neither Howell nor any customers or store employees were injured.

Ironically, Howell had tickets to the Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills. Howell received a free ticket after he participated in a halftime ceremony earlier in the season that honored military veterans and first-responders.

Instead of attending the game, Howell decided to stay home and get some rest. He had returned home after visiting family in Oklahoma during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The incident helped Howell appreciate the active shooter training he and other officers routinely receive. It was the first time, Howell said, that he confronted gunman while off-duty. Howell said that he’s always armed.

“You never know what situation you are going to find yourself in whether it is a restaurant or a shopping mall, or just driving down the road,” he said. “I think it would be ludicrous not to be prepared.”

While this story just goes to prove why citizens should be armed, you won’t hear the mainstream media praise this officer, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep silent about it. Thank goodness this officer was in the store at this time to protect these innocent people since we all know what could have happened if not.

H/T [100 Percent FedUp]

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Second Amendment

Three Recent Reports On The 2nd Amendment Should Cause Us Worry

Chuck Yarling



The attack on the 2nd Amendment continues without any pause whatsoever. For example, lets start with most recent examples of mass shootings: Sutherland Springs, Texas, on November 5th, and LasVegas on October 1. In both of these cases, as well as all of the others in the last several decades, the first words out of the mouths of liberals are “gun control”.

So, how does gun control fare in Chicago which has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country and a city that has the highest death rate due to gun violence in the country? In just 2017, 586 persons have been killed and 2786 wounded in that city. That averages out to 48 dying with 232 wounded each month of this year – so far. And in early December (1-3), 21 one people were shot with three of those who died.

Yep, gun control really works, doesn’t it!

Regardless, here are three recent reports of gun control that might cause us worry.

The first report occurred in 2012:

The plaintiff in the case, Dale Norman, was arrested in February, 2012, in Fort Pierce as he openly carried a gun in a holster. N

Norman challenged the constitutionality of the state’s longstanding ban on openly carrying weapons. But the state’s 4th District Court of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court ruled against Norman, leading him to go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

On Monday, November 27, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case thereby leaving Norman’s conviction in place.

Now one could argue that this was a state issue regarding open carry, but this is still a blow against the 2nd Amendment.

The second report is even more egregious:

The Honolulu Police Department issued a directive that has decided that all medical marijuana users must “surrender your firearms.”

KITV, a local TV station, reported:

In a letter dated November 13th new Chief of police Susan Ballard states card-holders have 30 days to surrender weapons, permits, and ammunition to HPD or to transfer ownership. According to the letter, the only way card-holders can get their weapons back is to get clearance from their doctors.

Now think about this for a moment: the report states

Not only is this is a violation of the Fifth Amendment’s protections, but since when did cops get to make such a decision?

Damn, well-said and straight to the point!

Now the kicker is the third report:

Sixteen retired military leaders have drafted a letter to Congress urging them to take action to pass more gun control laws so as to address the national crisis of gun deaths and violence. They claim that by not passing needed gun control laws that Congress is no longer speaking for the majority of the American people, but many will argue that point.

Obviously those generals are out-of-touch with “we the people”, that is we deplorables.

The attacks on the 2nd Amendment will continue, but, hopefully, sane heads will continue to succeed in keeping them in check.

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