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Ann Coulter Trusts The Donald. I Don’t.



Ann Coulter’s got a crush and his name is The Donald. The Right’s queen of wit has fallen head over heels for Donald Trump, the candidate who forced the GOP to talk about the issue of illegal immigration.

My feelings about Coulter are mixed. I enjoy her columns and always buy her books when they come out, even if I don’t always agree with everything she says. She, like Trump, revels in shocking liberals, which goes a long way toward explaining the attraction. Admittedly, it’s not difficult to shock liberals, who take offense at things like colorblind hiring, the American flag, and virtue. I admire Coulter’s sass but I frequently question her judgement when it comes to picking political candidates. Over the years she’s endorsed Ron Paul, Chris Christie, and Mitt Romney; all duds in my book.

But never before has she been so enthusiastic about a candidate as she has been about Donald Trump because he speaks to the issue that she cares the most about—illegal immigration. It’s an issue that many Americans, particularly many conservative Republicans, care about. Until recently we have had no audience in Washington for our concerns. Neither party seems willing to crack down on rampant lawlessness and one party clearly encourages it by portraying the lawbreakers as victims. They told us that no one should have to “live in the shadows;” as if illegal immigrants weren’t boasting of their lawbreaking on television and being invited to the White House. Where are these “shadows” liberals are always talking about? They certainly can’t be found in our two hundred plus “sanctuary cities” where federal law is null and void.

Many of us thought that Washington would hear the cries of “enough is enough” when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost a primary to Dave Brat on account of Cantor’s go-along-to-get-along attitude toward illegal immigration. Apparently Washington didn’t hear us. I count myself among those Americans concerned with illegal immigration, and for that I will give Mr. Trump his rightful kudos. If he hadn’t run the other candidates would be talking about every other issue except that one. Even so, he’s a phony and a blowhard so he won’t get my vote in the primary or the general election.

Unfortunately, Ann Coulter has become a single issue pundit, focusing her attention for the better part of two years on illegal immigration. Her excellent book “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole” is filled with startling facts about the Mexification (and Somalification, Hmongification) of America; but it also happens to be repetitive. It’s more of the same material she’s used in her columns since about 2014.

As someone who’s read “Adios, America” and most of her columns, I think I can summarize her views on illegal immigration, which I mostly agree with. According to Coulter, no other issue matters because if Democrats bring in poor immigrants by the boatload they will sweep to power and shape policy on everything including guns, crime, taxes, and the culture wars. As the saying goes, if immigrants and their children were destined to vote Republican even Harry Reid would join the Minutemen to defend our border. What motivates the Democrats is not compassion for the downtrodden but naked self-interest. Coulter explained her position in an interview with the Daily Signal’s Genevieve Wood: “It’s the only issue because once we have only Americans voting again we can win those other issues. If we keep dumping—and oh my gosh, if amnesty goes through well then it’s over overnight. As soon as they become voters, that’s 30 million voters for the Democrats.”

In the 2016 Republican primary Coulter has of course supported the candidate who forced the other candidates to take a stand on her pet issue. But I think Ann Coulter ought to temper her enthusiasm. Her position, if I understand it correctly, is that Trump has been consistent on the issue while the others are either amnesty shills (Bush and Kasich) or they only decided to get tough because Trump’s candidacy forced them to. As she wrote in her most recent column, “GOP Baffled as Voters Rally to Popular Candidate”: “Trump is the first presidential candidate in 50 years who might conceivably: (1) deport illegal aliens, (2) build a wall, (3) block Muslim immigration, (4) flout political correctness, (5) bring manufacturing home, and (6) end the GOP’s neurotic compulsion to start wars in some godforsaken part of the world…There is not another candidate who agrees with Trump on all these positions. Maybe one issue, but not all of them — and if it’s immigration, they would be lying.”

Maybe, but Trump would be lying too. Coulter appears not to know this, as she told Charles Cooke of National Review: “He has certainly been consistent on caring about illegal immigration.” Donald Trump has not been consistent on the issue of illegal immigration. He’s a flip-flopper, a fact that should surprise no one because Trump is the ultimate political chameleon. He’ll say whatever he has to say to secure power. In that regard he’s not unlike Barack Obama…with fewer scruples.

In 2013 Donald Trump met with some “DREAMers” (illegal aliens) and a pair of Democratic strategists at his penthouse in New York, even posing for pictures with them. They told him sob stories about parents being deported, a yarn I find very hard to believe because immigration enforcement is a joke and has been for a long time. There are no recordings of the meeting but the “DREAMers” all seem to agree that Trump was sympathetic to their cause. They say that Trump even claimed that “illegal aliens” (an accurate term that made them cringe) did landscaping for him at a golf course he owns in Miami. So the guy who employs illegal aliens—a crime in and of itself—is going to get tough on illegal immigration? Perhaps, but he’d be labeled a hypocrite if he did. And his critics would be right.

My theory is that Trump was considering a run for the White House but hadn’t yet decided which party would better serve him or which views he should pretend to hold. He doesn’t instinctively know these things because Trump has no core principles. Instead he has interests, and right now he believes that those interests are best served by focusing on this issue.

To Trump’s credit, and I don’t give him much, he has his finger on the pulse of America. He reasoned, not incorrectly, that people are sick of Obama and that he could ride the tidal wave of disgust all the way to the presidency. He zeroed in on this issue not because he gives a hoot (he doesn’t) but because he thinks that it will ultimately pay dividends, which it may. It’s just business; and Donald Trump is the consummate businessman; except for all the bankruptcies, of course.

What Ann Coulter doesn’t see is that Donald Trump fits the profile of the amnesty shill to a tee. Before he was a thorn in the side of the pro-amnesty GOP establishment he was part of that establishment; or at least he was fully qualified to be a member. He was a wealthy, secular, country club Republican who bragged of hiring illegal aliens for cripes sake! As many conservatives have argued, they can’t get the corporatist Republicans to enforce the law because they see illegal aliens as a source of cheap labor. Don’t forget that The Donald was one of those corporatist Republicans just two short years ago; and before that he was a Democrat who partied with the Clintons, praised Barack Obama, and donated to Planned Parenthood.

But surely Donald Trump will fulfill his campaign promise, right? If it suits him he will. He will of course be thinking of a second term and it might be difficult to get reelected if he angers the people who supported him the first time around, though the same could be said of a candidate like Ted Cruz, who is supposedly only jumping on Trump’s bandwagon. I would argue that Trump has jumped on Cruz’s bandwagon, a man who fought to defeat the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill.

Or maybe Trump will flip-flop again. His calculations might be a little different after the election. As his multiple bankruptcies and divorces have proven, Donald Trump thinks nothing of going back on his word. If he believed that switching sides on this issue would pave the way to a second term he’d do it; and Ann Coulter would be stiffed at the altar along with the rest of his fan club. This man has no soul.

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Government Intel

BREAKING!! Pence Just Made MAJOR Announcement About Border Wall That NOBODY Saw Coming




One of President Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises that has yet to come to fruition is the much-anticipated border wall that’s been met with a lot of leftist opposition for it and delayed due to endless hurdles to have to cross. The question of if construction will happen or when it will within his first term has recently come up after funding arguments between the U.S. and Mexico have persisted, with neither side backing down. Now, Vice President Mike Pence had just come forward with a shocking announcement that has taken the entire country by complete surprise.

After news first broke last week about possible funding for the wall coming from a single ironic source, the reality of a tightly secured border with a barrier going up between the U.S. and Mexico became a sudden reality. Senator Ted Cruz proposed a bill calling for all “$14 billion seized from cartel drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman to be used to pay for the President’s border wall between the U.S. and Mexico,” according to Breitbart, as we previously reported.

Although the bill is absolutely genius and solves the biggest issue in building the wall, it has yet to pass and chances are unlikely it will since defiant liberals have a say in it. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and Americans know they can count on Trump to find it which leads us to today’s unexpected announcement.

Perhaps proposing this funding idea inspired others to generously pitch in, should it not go through. Leave it to our current administration to make this happen and not disappoint on this anticipated promise, or wait for liberals to deny the opportunity to fund it with El Chapo’s seized drug money. Mike Pence announced today on Twitter: “We achieved the largest increase in border security funding in 10 yrs, w/ enough money to make a down payment on the border wall.”

The good news didn’t end there, he had more a few minutes later on Twitter that was sure to brighten Americans’ day. “This budget bill, under @POTUS‘ leadership, also includes important health care resources for our great coal miners,” he Tweeted. A few minutes later, he announced that “There is no long-term bailout for the insurance companies that the Democrats wanted to subsidize the badly failing Obamacare.” He made one final statement, ending on a solid note, before closing his flurry of financial statements.

“After years of partisan bickering and gridlock, this budget bill is a clear win for the American people.”

In just over his first 100 days in office, Trump managed to get the biggest increase in border security funding than we saw within the last decade — which was mostly due to the gridlock the country was in because of the Barack Obama era. He received $1.51 billion to secure our border and finally get a solid start on it, which we can now see could happen in his first term after even conservatives were rightfully concerned that it wouldn’t.

This doesn’t solve all of the financial issues in building the wall, but it’s far better than anything Obama ever did. Now, if Senator Cruz’s bill would pass to free up El Chapo’s billions for this wall, the country would be much safer sooner.

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BREAKING NOW: Karma Just Stormed Chuck Schumer’s House! He’s Afraid For His LIFE!




Democrat Senior United States Senator in New York, Chuck Schumer, is the reason the government went on lockdown this week because he wanted more money for illegals than he did for our military. The shutdown was resolved when he folded like a cheap suit after acting as the hero for these so-called “Dreamers” who ended up with nothing after Schumer cost active military several days of pay. It was a loss on all accounts for his stupid statement and now he’s paying for it in a personal way with who just stormed his New York City house. He had it coming!

When liberals and illegals don’t get what they want they have only one reaction. Schumer is feeling the full wrath of that now as Trump gets the last laugh.

The Washington Post reports:

In the hours after U.S. senators struck a deal to end the government shutdown Monday, scores gathered near the U.S. Capitol to protest what they saw as the Democrats’ decision to abandon the “dreamers,” young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children or overstayed their visas.

One by one, the demonstrators called out the names of Democrats who voted with Republicans to end the shutdown, shouting, “Shame!”

On Tuesday, a group of about 100 protesters gathered again, rallying in Upper Senate Park and then heading to lawmakers’ offices to demand the vote on immigration legislation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has vaguely promised.

Those protests continue now into the dark and have also taken a turn down Schumer’s street where he lives in New York City, which isn’t coincidental. They thought he was going to be the guy to give them what he wanted, but he caved and now they’re showing him one of the reasons Trump is so strong on immigration. They aren’t here to work, they overstayed their visas, and don’t want all the freebies of living in our free country to be taken away.

Breitbart was there live to show the “Dreamers” storming Schumer’s personal residence. He can advocate for them all he wants, thinking that there’s no threat of having to face the consequences of his deplorable decisions for American citizens. However, now he’s getting the perfect dose of karma.

‘Dreamers’ Storm Chuck Schumer’s Home in NY

Posted by Breitbart on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Post continues:

Walter Barrientos, of the immigrant rights organization Make the Road New York, said his group and those aligned with it have sponsored actions in New York as well as in downtown Washington, holding rallies and vigils in Manhattan and at the home of Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), who led the shutdown effort but then backed down over the weekend.

“Dreamers” and their advocates gather near the U.S. Capitol on Monday to declare their frustration at the reopening of the federal government without protections for immigrants.

“We are planning on being relentless in our pressure for the next two weeks,” Barrientos said. “We can’t allow him to fail us again.”

Since the Trump administration announced in September that it would phase out the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, immigrants and their advocates have protested, flooded congressional offices and been arrested in acts of civil disobedience, all in an effort to force a vote on legislation that would allow dreamers to stay legally in the United States.

Senate Democrats, led by Schumer, forced a government shutdown last week, refusing to support a last-minute spending bill if it did not include protections for dreamers.

But by Monday, after a weekend of Republican claims that Democrats had “prioritized illegal immigrants over American citizens,” senators from swing states were telling Schumer that their stance could hurt them, badly, in November’s midterm elections.

The Democrats then accepted a deal they had rejected Sunday — agreeing to reopen the government as long as McConnell said “it would be my intention” to consider immigration legislation in coming weeks.

There are multiple competing efforts in both chambers of Congress to determine what such legislation would say, however. And even if a bill allowing dreamers to stay passed the Senate, it could face an uphill battle in the more conservative House.

“Senators who voted today for the promise of a symbolic vote on the Dream Act are not resisting Trump — they are enablers,” Cristina Jiménez, executive director and co-founder of United We Dream, the nation’s largest immigrant-youth-led organization, said Monday. “Republicans played games too, holding the Dream Act hostage and pitted the safety of immigrant youth against children’s health care, proving their cruelty to the world.”

Schumer needs to let all his Dreamer friends in, take his own advice and see how that ends up. If it’s good for America then he should open up his own home and prove it. Stand by your Socialistic convictions and share your wealth, better than taxpayers being taxed.

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HILARIOUS!! Black Bro GOES OFF On DACA & Liberal Lawmakers! (VIDEO)


Frank Lea



An African American took the mic and wowed the crowd as he stood up for every American. He voiced his opinion against DACA and sanctuary cities, and the audience gave him a round of applause each time he made an excellent point that real Americans agree with. A cranky old liberal lawmaker lady tried silencing the speaker after he made so many good points. Thankfully, he didn’t back down. He put her in her place. That’s how it is in California! If you have an opinion that’s not liberal, then they try to hush you up. They don’t want you to speak. They don’t want your more logical views being heard by the masses because they risk losing Democrat votes. More importantly, they don’t want people of color to talk like a Republican or even a centrist who’s weighing their options before making a decision.

The liberal lawmakers in California couldn’t contain this man as he hit a grand slam with each point he smashed into the liberal lawmakers. He was respectful, based on fact, and the crowd was behind him. That’s exactly why and when the liberal lawmaker lady jumped in to try and put a muzzle on him like he’s a dog. The sad truth about California comes out in this video. The liberal lawmakers don’t want people of color speaking up and fighting back.

DACA is a strain and the majority of recipients don’t offer anything productive to America. Sanctuary cities cause people to get hurt, and every Democrat who supports them has blood on their hands.

He starts off strong with expressing that he doesn’t want his tax money spent on illegal immigrants. He reminds people that he’s the one who lives in the neighborhoods being ruined by DACA and sanctuary citizens who provide drugs to the citizens.

He then reminds the liberal lady that her brother was a “one-termer” and if she’s not careful, then she will be too.

Next, a black mother who is homeless calls out the lawmaker for helping the illegal immigrants instead of helping Americans. She called her out for assisting illegal immigrants because the citizens are being thrown on the streets. She then mentions how the illegals attacked her son. A man who sounds like a puppet tries to silence her.

After that, a Latina woman stands up and fights back against illegal immigrants. She points out that we cannot afford to help illegals with our tax dollars. She reminds them that she became a citizen the legal way and that California taxpayers are funding illegal activity.

Another Latina woman stands up and fights back against the lawmakers. She reminds people to look at the Constitution. She tells them that 30% of Hispanics voted for Trump. She asked the liberal lawmakers what part of “illegal” don’t they understand?

The last person to speak is an immigrant from Honduras. They discuss the trouble with sanctuary cities and how it’s a strain on our economy and country.

Sanctuary City: Los Angeles

Sanctuary Cities exist to protect criminals from the law. PERIOD. Now the common people in Los Angeles are fighting back! Do you think it's time for Trump to END them for good?

Posted by SubjectPolitics on Saturday, June 24, 2017

Clash Daily had more to say about this:

“Here’s a guy who lives in ‘the hood’, who went before his government to testify, and he is making his case for why California’s whole approach to sanctuary cities and unlimited immigration is not just wrong, it’s dangerous and immoral.

He goes down a long list of all the things we’re not supposed to admit about the criminal aliens (since people are ‘sensitive’ to the term ‘illegal immigrants’) that are being massively imported to his neighborhood.

He tells you about the cocaine, and about the fake ID’s, and about all kinds of fake-ness.

“And if Mr Trump would allow us, I’d organize some brothers and we’d put all your asses under some citizens’ arrest who are illegal”

He starts pointing around the room at elected officials. You I like. I like your decisions. Your daddy was great. Your brother was a one-termer, and if you don’t watch yourself, you’ll be a one-termer. He Loves Catherine Barber, but just don’t be with that bullcrap.”

California has a lot of problems. It’s one of the most talked about states in the country, but not for good reasons. They brainwash kids with an LGBT material in schools. They allow people to give others HIV purposely and it’s not a felony. They accept illegal immigrants like they’re collecting baseball cards. They hoard criminals in sanctuary cities so they can watch victims be raped, mugged, and robbed without being deported by ICE. What is this? A horror story or the state of California?

California has become one of the worst states in the country and it’s finally time that the level-headed citizens speak out, fight back, and continue to be heard.

It’s sad that these old white liberal lawmakers who live in nice neighborhoods, drive nice cars, and probably have the latest expensive phone are trying to silence the minorities.

You thought Democrats cared about minorities? That’s only if they have your vote. If you’re a minority and not voting Democrat, then you’re just another person they don’t care about.


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