15 Best Anything But A Cup Party Ideas: A Fun Theme

anything but a cup party ideas

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Planning a party for the upcoming weekend and want some fun and unique ideas? How about deviating from the traditional party routine and trying something hilarious, silly, and super fun by hosting an ABC or Anything But Cups party!

Not sure how to make this work? Here’s a quick overview of what this party would entail and a few Anything But a Cup party ideas to take inspiration from.

What Is Anything But A Cup Party?


Image source: Pinterest

An “Anything But Cups” party is becoming increasingly popular thanks to social media.

The concept of this party is quite simple. You come to the party, have fun, and enjoy the food and the beverages — but you have to drink from anything except a cup.

This idea will have guests tap on their ingenuity and get creative to come up with a fun substitute for a cup. The silliness of the cup alternatives is what makes this idea successful and hilarious.

Anything But Cup parties are often also referred to as an ABC party, No Cups Allowed Party, Not a Cup Party, and a Bring Your Own Vessel Party.

How Did The Anything But A Cup Theme Start?


Image source: Instagram

This one-of-a-kind party theme first took roots at college dorm parties, when students would find themselves without cups to drink from. But the trend officially caught on around 2014 when a couple of friends were at a party where there were no cups and took a photo of them with their outrageous cups.

The photo went viral and was picked up by several more parties that followed. ABC really made a mark when people started sharing it on TikTok.

15 Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

If you’ve been invited to an Anything But a Cup party or plan to host one, here are 15 ideas that you can take inspiration from!

#1. Blender


Image source: Pinterest

Stand out from the crowd and drink from a blender. The more traditional and bulky the blender, the better.

#2. Pineapple


Image source: Pinterest

Get tropical and turn a fresh pineapple into your ver own cup. The best part? You can easily make some instant cocktails since you already have zest in your natural cup.

Set aside the edible part of the fruit and serve it as snacks for everyone to enjoy!

#3. Coffee Carafe


Image source: Pinterest

Make your coffee carafe work overtime! After brewing your cup of jo in the morning, bring our carafe to the party and brew your boozy beverage of choice!

#4. Water Bottles


Image source: Pinterest

Go all out with the most exaggerated silliest, and most fun water bottles with silly straws, glitters, and toys.

You may get frustrated drinking from your adult sippy cup, but you can always take out the cover and chug your drink to your heart’s delight!

#5. Super Soaker


Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the coolest drinking vessels you can bring to an Anything But Cup party!

Just be careful when selecting your super soaking because one that requires too much pressure may hurt all your fun when drinking!

#6. Bucket And Spade


Image source: Pinterest

Borrow your little brother’s beach paraphernalia, get the sand off, and use the bucket to keep your drinks. As a bonus, you can use the spade to keep some snacks.

With this winning combo, you are also taking things further and skipping the plates!

#7. Conch Shell


Image source: Pinterest

Delight in the alcohol swishing and sloshing around your conch shell and be transported to sandy beaches, warm ocean water, and palm trees.

But a thorough cleaning is required first before bringing your shell to the party.

#8. Viking Drinking Horn


Image source: Pinterest

Bring the Viking vibe to the party with this horn. Want to look even cooler?

Use a horn with the string still attached to it, and then get it to hang to your belt when not in use!

#9. Vase


Image source: Pinterest

Vases are not just for your mama’s flowers! Get the most elegant vase you can find in your home and use it to toast your Anything But Cups party.

This container will hold a lot of liquor, so you’ll be taken care of for the rest of the evening!

#10. Plastic Condiment Holder


Image source: Pinterest

Bring a bunch of condiment holders and mix a variety of drinks. Make sure you keep the lids to add to the fun.

This is a convenient choice and super fun to squeeze and pour into your mouth!

#11. Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

Image source: Pinterest

This is a tease of a drink holder because you get the uniqueness of spraying your drink in your mouth, but it can get a little frustrating having so little to drink at a time.

After showing off how it is done, get your much-needed gulp by removing the lid to enjoy your drink fully!

#12. Traffic Cone


Image source: Pinterest

Here’s a massive drink holder that can hold several people’s drinks. After all, sharing is caring, so just hand out straws and have everyone drink up from your traffic cone.

Don’t forget to close off the cone’s tip, or you’ll find yourself using the traffic cone as it is intended — a warning for the hazardous wet floor.

#13. Plastic Baseball Bat


Image source: Pinterest

Undoubtedly one of the longest sips you can ever have — purchase a plastic baseball bat and work your way into cutting a portion of the handle open to use it as your drinking container.

Test your resourcefulness and come up with a long straw so you can sip your drink conveniently!

#14. Frisbee


Image source: Pinterest

This takes a lot of balance and caution, but you can enjoy your drink on a shallow Frisbee!

This favorite toy can hold a lot of liquid, but you will need to be careful not to tip it and put your drink to waste.

#15. Tea Kettle


Image source: Pinterest

Skip the tea and replace it with some booze in your tea kettle to have a drink straight from the spout.

You will never look at your grandma’s delicate tea kettle the same way again.

Featured image source: Instagram.com

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